Some Amazing Things To Do: A Refreshing Soul Of Dubai’s Night Life

Dubai is a terrific location for late-night revelry and features a lively nightlife with a broad selection of bars, pubs, restaurants, and clubs. This city is also known as “The City That Never Sleeps.” Keep in mind that drinking is subject to an exceptionally high level of oversight in Dubai. There is a requirement of being at least 21 years old in order to buy alcohol, and drinking in public areas is strongly prohibited. Participating in any of these evening activities in Dubai is bound to provide you with a memorable and enjoyable experience.

  • Explore Dubai Global Village

Every year, the theme park Dubai Global Village is accessible from October to April. It is a combination between a market and a theme park, with stalls selling items from all over the globe and pavilions showing the customs and traditions of 78 different countries and ethnic groups. There are also around 200 restaurants and stores serving regional delicacies. The park offers attractions such as Ripley’s museums and foreign entertainment to attract families.

  • Dine Over The City

“Dinner in the Sky” is one of the top 10 most extraordinary restaurants in the world. A crane lifts a table 50 floors above the Dubai metropolis so guests can enjoy a three-course dinner while taking in the view. During supper, the table gently rotates for the benefit of all diners. You may book a table for supper in advance to guarantee that you don’t miss out on an exceptional experience

  • Visit The Dubai Marina

At night, Dubai Marina changes into a glittering canal city that stretches along the Persian Gulf shoreline for nearly three kilometres (two miles). Along the Dubai Marina Walk’s beachfront promenade, there are several restaurants, stores, and temporary art markets. As the sun sets over Dubai, the neighborhood’s restaurants, pubs, and clubs come to life. You may spend the evening on the beach with a cool drink or by putting your toes in the water.

The Dubai Marina Mall is an upscale retail mall equipped with the most prestigious designer brands. You may take a boat or dhow from the marina to neighbouring Dubai attractions.

  • Visit The Deira Gold Souk

Gold shopping is a popular activity throughout the day and night in Dubai.

The Deira Gold Souk is one of the original souks (marketplaces) in Dubai’s historic area, and it has retained a significant amount of its original charm. Since the souk is dotted with hundreds of merchants selling everything from spices to apparel to jewellery, it is where the residents go to shop.

Examine the vintage gold jewellery on display. A number of these designs are unique and cannot be seen elsewhere. The UAE government licences the gold vendors in Deira’s Gold Souk, ensuring that the metal they offer is authentic. The souk is a popular shopping destination for both locals and visitors.

  • Visit The Museum Of Illusions And Be Magnified

When seen at night, Dubai is a futuristic city with museums and skyscrapers.

The Museum of Illusions bears true to its name by containing over sixty exhibits designed to deceive the sight and mind.

Using holograms, optical illusions, and other types of immersive technology, the exhibits playfully manipulate the audience’s perception of reality.

There are several Instagrammable exhibits around the museum that enable you to create spectacular optical illusions with your smartphone camera.

The Museum of Illusions is situated in Al Seef – Dubai Creek – Dubai and is open every day with the exception of Sunday and Thursday (until 10 p.m.) and Friday and Saturday (until 11 pm). Read this to get knowledge.

  • View The Imagination Light Show

The laser, light, water, and music exhibit IMAGINE in Dubai Festival City holds the Guinness World Records for the largest water screen projection and the largest permanent projection map.

Every evening starting at 7 p.m., guests may experience cutting-edge performances that combine cutting-edge technology, cutting-edge science, and cutting-edge art.

An extra feature is the option to display personalised messages and photographs on the water screen, so making the occasion more more memorable and meaningful for friends and family.

  • Dubai Garden Glow

The ‘Art by Day’ and ‘Glow by Night’ attractions at Dubai Garden Glow are just two of the numerous enjoyable activities available in this park. The park comes to life at night with over 500 nature-inspired works of art, visual art illusions, and seasonal events.

The park is one of the largest glow-in-the-dark gardens in the world, and its distinctive look is created by 10 million energy-efficient light bulbs. There are five main regions, each with its own glowing charms.

  • Scream It From The Club

Dubai is a party city, with hip-hop nights at circus-themed clubs, upscale rooftop bars in multiple buildings, and dancefloors under the stars.

Even though alcohol is only served to people above the age of 21, Dubai’s Tashan, Super20, and Tsunami nightclubs are renowned for their vibrant nightlife.

Nightclubs, pubs, and lounges often hold concerts, DJ sets, and other forms of live entertainment. At these Indian night clubs in Dubai, DJs, singers, and bands from India that are well-known often put on shows.

Whatever your chosen night-time activity—relaxing in a cosy pub, gazing at the stars from a rooftop bar, or dancing the night away at a club—Dubai offers it all.

Remember that the majority of people in Dubai take Friday and Saturday off.

  • Visit Etihad Museum

The Etihad Museum is the place to go to learn about the history and culture of the United Arab Emirates.

This museum is housed in a building that was designed to resemble the shape of the country’s constitution, and it features a collection of educational pavilions in which visitors can gain an understanding of the remarkable economic growth that has taken place in the UAE since the country gained its independence.

Learn about the contribution that oil, tourism, and other sectors make to the economy of the country. If you are interested in the museum, you have the option of going on a guided tour.


Almost every retail mall and neighbourhood in Dubai offers Indian, American, Chinese, European, Japanese, Mexican, and Lebanese cuisine. This implies that you may eat sashimi for dinner one night and beef bourguignon the next.

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