Sollatek avs 30 price in Kenya and its features

The power surge is common and yet very dangerous on our electrical appliances. Power surges and spikes cause adverse effects on our appliances leading to losses. These losses may include data losses or even data corruption. To overcome this is very simple, get a Sollatek avs 30 and protect your electrical appliances.


The bad voltage will seriously damage your electrical appliances. Research has shown that over $27 billion in losses are caused by power surges every year. Power losses are among the leading cause of business downtime. Power spikes and surges account for almost 63% of total power disturbances.

Power surges are a result of various factors lighting being the most known one. They can also be caused by turning on and off huge power appliances. Surges and spikes are also very harmful on laptops and can lead to catastrophic damages to the charging system and even corrupting data. Sollatek avs 30 will help you protect your electrical appliances in case of power surges or spikes.

In this article, I have discussed in length Sollatek avs 30 and how one gets one to protect his electrical equipment.

How Sollatek avs 30 works

It is rated 30 Amps (AVS 30). It works by switching off the equipment which has been connected to the avs when the mains power exceeds the preset acceptable power limits. Mains power upon return to its normal the circuit will automatically re-connect. This re-connection occurs after a delay to ensure mains stability.

However, the startup delay also protects against power surges and spikes which are experienced after power resumption during a power cut scenario. Spike and surge protection it’s incorporated to also enhance protection against frequently occurring events.

Dangerous damages that are protected by Sollatek avs 30

The following are threats that Sollatek avs 30 protects electrical appliances from;

  • Overvoltage
  • Under –voltage
  • Power surges/ power spikes
  • Power back surges


  • Prolongs and protects the useful lifespan of electrical equipment.
  • It eliminates the need of switching off electrical appliances every time the power loses or fails.
  • It safeguards electrical appliances which are costly to acquire.
  • Protection costs are low compared to the value of the appliances.

Technical information

  • 110V/230V Nominal voltage
  • 3300/7200 watts
  • 50/60 frequency
  • 30/30 load current
  • Overvoltage disconnect 230V-300V plus off
  • Overvoltage reconnect 2V below HVD setting
  • Under voltage disconnect 150V-230V
  • Under voltage reconnect 5V above LVD setting
  • Overvoltage response time 20 milliseconds
  • Under voltage response time 05-10 secs adjustable

The Sollatek avs 30 new versions have an inbuilt microprocessor with added advanced features.

Sollatek avs 30 prices in Kenya

In Kenya, the Sollatek avs 30 is sold at various prices. These prices although don’t vary much; slightly differ depending on the various retail outlets. In Nairobi, they tend to be slightly lower than in other Kenyan regions.

Sollatek avs 30 price in Kenya is usually affordable. It’s usually sold at 5000 Kenyan shillings. One can buy it online or from a nearby retail shop dealing in electronics.


For one to acquire any electrical appliance, he/she uses huge cash as most of these appliances are very expensive. It’s, therefore, necessary to keep them in good working condition to avoid losses.

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