Sola wood floral hair accessories

When it comes to spring or summer weddings, flowers are considered the most delicate hair accessory for brides. Wedding hairstyles with sola wood flowers can be worn in a variety of ways. If someone asks you that do wedding guests can wear flowers, including flower crowns in their hair?

The answer is, why not? Wood flowers are for everyone!

Sola wood flowers can complement your looks perfectly as hair flowers even when you are not a bride. The only precaution you need to have is to keep it modest to prevent upstaging the bride or bridal party.

Wood flowers for hairs:

Wood flowers have become almost an essential part of every wedding in a variety of ways. Even when couples do not choose sola wood flowers as their wedding blooms, the grace, durability, colors, and style of these blooms insist they add wooden blooms in their corsages, boutonnieres, and bridal jewelry.

When you are not a bride, most of the time, it feels a little off way kind of decision to have flowers in your hair. Fresh flowers are primarily bright and vivid, and their shocking colors may make you feel too over-the-top.

Why only sola wood flowers?

Sola wood flowers are basically soft ivory naturally, and you can easily use them as it is in your hair. But the best thing about these blooms is that you can get wooden flowers in any natural or glamorous shade. So you may choose any shade of colored wood flowers that goes well with your party dress.

Size is another bonus feature of these mimics of natural flowers, and you can select from a tiny bloom range of wooden flowers to a giant version of various blooms. You may add a small daisy or freesia to your braid or go for a beautiful floral crown made of handmade wooden roses.

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Summer weddings are indeed a great time to wear flowers in your hair. In addition, there will be a variety of options for spring weddings too. But you know what? Sola wood flowers provide you the freedom to wear flowers even in winter or fall season weddings. There are no seasonal restrictions with sola wood flowers as they are flowers made of wood. You can choose any flowers you like to add to your hairstyle.

While flowers or a flower crown may not be appropriate for weddings in the winter but small wood flowers with foliage as a hairpiece or crown in the fall with cranberries or twigs for a winter wedding would be lovely. You can also try to wear out of season bloom for a different look.

Flowy or flowery gowns go well with  hair flowers. If you wish to wear a flowing dress in a single hue, adding multi-colored wood flowers to your ensemble might be an interesting touch. Sola wood flowers allow you to pick a dress with some unusual color scheme like golden, rustic, or silver shades, and to complement this style; sola wood flowers are always there for you. Pick handmade wooden roses in golden, or try a giant sola wood daisy in blue or purple color.

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