Social media is taking over your study time?

Happening you can’t rely on social media alone because social media doesn’t let you do what you want it does what they want right no matter what you’re doing so that’s the registration okay so now.

the other thing actually before we talk about even before we get the registration you need to have let’s do that here let’s do that this is not seven uh but seven would be you need to once the um speakers have agreed to then you need to schedule interviews.

now if you’re doing a live summit that means you have to have the dates decided and you have to have your speakers commit to those times. In this pandemic time, QnA sites are good to get reliable sources of information regarding the common questions that overflowed the internet.

if you’re doing it live you know every for a whole week let’s say you’re doing a five-day summit every night every week a day at 7 00 p.m or 8 p.m or whatever your time zone in your time zone right you got to make sure that they’re available on those times and you got to schedule that to me that’s really complicated so I just wanted to do a pre-recorded were I but it’s the same thing.

I got to schedule the interviews although it becomes a lot easier to schedule when because it’ll be you know it can be anytime before the summit as long as it gets recorded before the summit once the summit happens then I make those videos available um afterward right but you need to schedule.

the interview so what do I what did I do I use cal calendly all right by the way right here’s the other thing so uh create a speaker apply set up a place um okay so right in agreement before we even do any of that we need a place okay.

we also need to set up a new google so oh yeah you need a new domain set it, okay you need a new okay so number three you need to register a domain for the summit now you don’t absolutely have to do that. Their lots of platforms like ask reader where you can easily ask any question to make your doubts or queries solved.

But I recommend it so that you have a domain name that matches your summit like for me I did BitClout virtual summit dot com right so I registered that domain because that’s the summit I’m doing right now so I registered that right so then after that after register what I did is I then I created another email address number four is create a new email address to use for the for the summit right.

So I created BitClout virtual summit at right so I did that obviously you don’t have to do that those two steps are sort of optional right but I recommend it because that gives you more you know it looks more credible even though you know a Bit is still a Gmail account it’s become more acceptable but if with if you have seven eight nine if you have a domain provider like.

I have um if I go here you can set up your domain name to forward those emails to your um to that email look I’ll show you what I’m talking about so if I got Bitcoin virtual domain.

big cloud BitClout virtual domain right here I just click on this obviously your provider is going to have different ways of doing this but I have the mail maps that if I so I have this which goes to this email address right so anybody any email to Bitcoin virtual oh look at that oh my.

Summit I good I came in here to fix it right let’s fix that otherwise it would not work so this is the email that’s a mail email okay let’s go back to here view okay so I have two emails so that means that anybody who sends anything to star at.

They can send info admin whatever it’ll go to this email address automatically right then what I did is I created an email address so if you go to gmail right you can just say you can just go in gmail and say over here you just go add account add another account right so you can go in there.

I’m just gonna close that one you can if you have a bunch of emails right but you can say use another account and then you can say create account right here for myself you can I don’t know about the business thing I think anyway.

so I just put you know BitClout and I say virtual summit right I just put that as the name I put bit bitclout.virtual.summit obviously you do whatever your whatever you want to give it a password and then you click on next and you gotta you know you gotta verify it.

whatever it does all that so that’s all good now that’s uh okay let’s go back here so that’s the other thing so you create a new email so that allows you to send emails as this organizer and you can have more than one person log in using that email right and then they can see the emails you send you can see the emails.

they send so you can have the conversation with your speakers without no having to wonder what the other person said if’re if you have multiple people managing right you can do that okay that’s and the same thing is here.

I use google drive create a folder right and share okay set up new google I think I what was that I guess that was the okay number six seven eight nine okay so schedule interviews let’s just put schedule interviews.

so that’s the now that you have your google your new google email you can actually go to calendly right you go to calendly calendlyright calendly let’s put that in here right schedule interviews calendar cr and create and create a calendar so for you so now what you do is you go in here and you just say uh sign up I guess all right so then you would put your email you know BitClout dot virtual summit at Gmail.

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