Six Ways to Make Your Halloween Party Memorable

Most people consider Halloween as their favourite holiday for several reasons. However, the reason that tops the list is the opportunity to dress up in a costume. Wearing costumes during Halloween is not limited for children only. Adults may also wear their costumes while waiting for trick or treaters to come to their doorways. The wearing of costumes during Halloween has been a tradition for both children and adults. A costume store gets many orders in at least a month before Halloween taking orders for costumes of all types, genres, and sizes.

Halloween is also a great time to throw a costume party. If you plan to throw a party for your friends, here are some of the things you should consider. 

Choose the Perfect Venue. Your choice of venue will be a great factor to the success of your Halloween party. If you plan to invite many guests, then choosing a separate venue aside from your home will give you enough space. For example, you can rent out a bar exclusively for your party. Likewise, you can organise a Halloween event at a bar and have your guests pay their drinks or pay a certain amount for unlimited drinks. With choosing a venue, try looking for a spooky area or have the bar decorated for the event. It will be a bonus if you can find an abandoned haunting looking house for your event just like in the 1995 movie Casper

Set a Theme. While Halloween is already considered a theme, you may still narrow down your guest’s choice of costumes by setting up a theme for your party. Some of your guests may opt not to wear any costume because they may have difficulty deciding on what to purchase at a costume store. However, when you set a theme, your guests will have an easier time choosing a costume to match your theme. 

Award Prizes. Some of your guests may have created their costumes from scratch. It is best to appreciate their efforts by awarding prizes to guests that came in the most extravagant, most unique, and most creative costumes. Awarding prizes is also an effective way to encourage your guests to show up in their costumes. 

Keep Your Theme Simple. When setting up a theme, choose a simple yet not too narrow theme so that your guests will not have a hard time choosing a costume. Decade themes such as the 1980s will allow your guests to have a lot of costume options. Likewise, do not select a theme that is too narrow such as asking your guests to dress up as their favourite pop stars. You may end up having a dozen Madonna’s in your party. 

Schedule in Advance. While Halloween is always on the same date every year, you must let your guests know your party’s theme in advance. Send your invitations at least three weeks before your party so that your guests will have enough time to prepare for their costumes. Likewise, it is best to constantly send reminders to your guests through email or social media platforms at least a week before your party and remind them a day before the event. 

Add a Wow Factor. Surprise your guest with a wow factor to make your Halloween party an epic one. Hire a local DJ to give you tracks that you can dance all night with. 

Once you have everything planned out, then it is time to enjoy your party. A well-planned Halloween party will be memorable to your guests. If you have guests that did not wear costumes to your epic Halloween party, they will feel left out and wished that they have gone to a costume store to buy something to wear.

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