Situations That Require Victorian Police Checks

A background check is a prerequisite for many official processes in Victoria these days, to verify the criminal history, employment history, credit history, education history, etc., of a person to get approved by companies, apartment owners, banks, firearm dealers, and organisations. A background check is a test run by police personnel or officials to verify and validate their claim about their identity and history. People living in the state can get any form of checks done by Victorian police check organisations and get their reports within a few hours. These reports have credibility same as the ones they would get from a local police station.

Based on the kind of situation a person is in, types of background checks vary. Therefore, here is a list of conditions that demand different police background checks that one must be familiar with.

1)    Background Check on Employment

Many prominent companies and industries in Victoria require mandatory background checks on criminal and other records these days. It is to ensure the safety of the company and the employees and eliminate any future HR-based risks that might occur. These checks help them understand their potential employee and make an informed decision. Having a police background check ready to submit in an interview can make an applicant stand out in front of their future employers. It creates an image of the applicant to be responsible and organised, making them a good fit for the job. An employment background check usually includes a person’s education, credit history, work history, medical history, criminal record, vehicle registration, social media background, and drug screening.

2)    Criminal Background Check

Criminal background checks are often done in situations where an individual or a company needs to check the illegal activity, including felony, embezzlement, fraud, sex crime, or other violent crimes. In addition, before making decisions on firearm purchase, military enlistment, adoption, and employment, especially in the healthcare industry, these checks are mandatorily done.

3)    International Police Background Check

If employers are looking to hire someone from outside Australia, who has recently lived, studied, or worked in a different country, they would want to run an international police background check along with the usual employment check. It usually involves a more profound examination into government ID, passports, visas, international criminal records, previous employment verification, and education records.

4)    Credit Background Checks

A credit check shows a person’s history of bill payments and management of credit indicated by the credit-to-debt ratio. It is shown in the form of a credit report usually submitted while applying for a home loan, car loan, credit card, or any other type of loan. Landlords also check credit records to verify if a person has the habit of paying rent on time. Financial service industries also require employees to maintain a good credit history as they would have access to money or are required to manage large amounts of money.

5)    Personal Background Checks

For individuals who would like to run their background checks to understand what their employers or other organisations would see, they can apply for a personal background check. There are usually options to choose from regarding the contents they want to be searched for based on their needs. It is an excellent precautionary measure that a person can take to be informed about their history, avoid any surprises, and correct any potential errors.

Victorian police check provides credible information about a person’s history to verify the trustworthiness of the person and the safety of others.

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