Signs That Indicate the Infestation of Squirrels in Your Home 

Squirrels are the kind of pests that will look for places to build their home during winters. Winters are the time when the predators look for prey as there will be no more availability of food as easily as during summers and spring. Squirrels look for places that offer shelter, warmth, safety, and security from not only the cold climatic condition, but also from predators too.

Recognizing the signs of a squirrel infestation in your home, as detailed in this article, is the first step towards reclaiming your space. Once you’ve identified the problem, professional services like pest control toledo can provide the necessary solutions to ensure your home remains a safe and comfortable environment.

Squirrels love making homes in the attics, basements, and other such places that offer them shelter and warmth. However, their infestation can lead to many damages to the structure and rigidity of the buildings too, if the issue is not taken care of as early as possible.

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Squirrel Infestation and the Signs

Here are some signs that indicate that there is a serious squirrel infestation at home.

  • Damage to the structure 

Squirrels are attic lovers and prefer building their homes in your attic during winters. During the process, there are great chances of these pests damaging the structural health of your home or the other space. If you notice the chewed vents, damaged house insulation, and exposed wires anywhere in the house, then you should understand that there is a serious squirrel infestation at home.

  • You hear strange noises 

Squirrels make particular noises while doing their work. You will notice some strange noises from your attic when they are present there. The sound will be quite high during the winter and rainy months. This can be because of the chewing, scampering, scratching, and also scurrying of the structure by the squirrels.

  • You will notice a strange odour coming from some places 

The urine and faeces of squirrels give out a foul odour inside the area where they are present. If you notice such an odour from anywhere in the house, then it is time to check the place and also to take the necessary measures.

  • Footprints of squirrel 

The footprints of squirrels are very easy to notice as they will be unique in their dimension. The prints will indicate 4 toes in the front paws and 5 toes in the back paws. The footprints are seen majorly on the snow and sand regions around your home if there is an infestation of squirrels at home.

  • Damages in the entry points 

Raccoons and rats will look for the smaller spaces to enter the house. This is not the case with squirrel infestation. They can damage certain entry points in the house such as fascia boards, roofs, outer panels, and so on.

If you notice any of these above-mentioned signs in the house, then it is time to hire the help of a pest infestation control service in your locality. Go thoroughly through the options and make the right decision.

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