Should You Get Your Brows Tinted?

Do you ever wake up and dread the idea of having to do your brows? Nowadays, fuller eyebrows are the way to go, but not everyone was born with beautifully full brows. Additionally, your brow shape may not be the best option for your face. If you want less hassle during your mornings and beautifully shaped brows, brow tinting is a great option for you.

What Is Eyebrow Tinting?

Eyebrow tinting consists of using a semi-permanent color on your brow hairs. This technique also tints the skin where it is applied, filling any gaps in your brows. Additionally, tinting helps you get more defined brows and shape them to enhance your natural brows. The stain on your skin will last you about a week, while the tinting on the brow hairs can last two to four weeks. When researching salons that provide this service, it is important to carefully read through reviews. This is because the procedure includes applying chemicals close to your eyes.

Why Should You Get Your Brows Tinted?

Structured eyebrows can completely change your look. If your brow tails are not long enough, brow tinting can help extend them to create the perfect brow for your face shape. If you find it difficult to get even eyebrows when filling them in with makeup, brow tinting is a great option to have a more hassle-free makeup routine. Additionally, a well-shaped brow can give you a more youthful look. Not to mention, eyebrow tinting is a pain-free way to enhance your brows, unlike micro-blading, which is more permanent.

Can You DIY it?

As mentioned before, tinting your brows involves applying chemicals close to your eyes. Therefore, it is better to seek for a professional to get your brows tinted. Professionals offer a more relaxing experience and offer higher quality products that will give you better results. While there are eyebrow tinting kits that you can buy online, you can make mistakes that can take a while to get rid of them. A professional will assess your brows and find the best shape and color for your face shape and skin color. If you purchase an at-home kit, you might end up tinting your brows too dark. While it may seem small, this mistake can lead to you having dark brows for close to a month.

If you still want to try tinting your brows at home, you must be careful. Make sure that you purchase a kit that is intended to be applied close to your eyes and on your face. If you end up purchasing a product that is not intended for those areas, your skin may have serious reactions. Before you apply the tint, you must cover any areas you do not want to be tinted with Vaseline. Lastly, make sure to follow the instructions the product manufacturer provides, for the best results.

If you want to get your brows perfectly shaped and tinted by professionals and you live in the Austin, TX area, Parlor Beauty Bar is a great option for you. Our team of professionals can darken and add definition to your brows, so you feel confident every day. Besides eyebrow shaping and tinting, we also offer waxing, tweezing, and lamination. If you want to learn more about our other services or book a brow tinting appointment, contact us.

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