Should we send our kids to playschool or keep them at home?

Okay, this is the very common question of all the parents who have a child and they are confused also about, is that the right time or should we send our kids to playschool or keep them at home to learn basic things? Before knowing the answer to this question, we need to know about playschool. What is playschool? How do people treat children in playschool? How are the rule and the guidelines followed by the playschool? What the things provide and how much maintain the hygiene. We are sure after reading the upcoming paragraph your questions have been resolved and also satisfied with all the things then decide what you do with your child enroll in playschool or keep them in the home.

Playschool is nothing but preschool. This type of school is for new kids who are pure baby means they are 3-4 years old and never live without their parents. Mainly playschool is the very first school experience of your child with attractive things. Here, your kids learn so many things, do kind of activities, interact with other children and people, share his feeling, talk to unknown people, share bonding with other children, learn with toys, play outdoor games and do other activities. Now even the government has permitted to run playschool as per the govt. Guidelines. The routine of the playschool is properly maintained as per the children like, after every period of the class, provide a break time or you can say nap time, the meal is also provided what kids like, a routine set of a whole day of the playschool is the very short period for convenience of the kids. Here your children are well taken care of, what do they want, what do they want to do, are they doing wrong? All these things are noticed and the children are judged. After this, you are given a proper report from the school. How much improvement in your child, daily or weekly basis as per the improvement. After good improvement of the kids, they promote to the upper-level class and learn the things of your syllabus and provide the proper learning environment. Also, the government said the child who studies in playschool their minds is well developed from other kids. Hope we cleared all of your questions and satisfied you with the answered. 

Apart from that the major issue with this generation parents. Both father and mother are working and they didn’t give proper time for their child. Most of the parents come home after the office and they are totally tired. These things happen in Metro cities like Gurgaon, Delhi, Bangalore etc. These cities are very busy, all the people who live in these IT cities are most busy. And if you are from Gurgaon and looking for the best play school in Gurgaon. The city Gurgaon is the main IT hub in the North region of India. Then we are recommended you to the best playschool which is Leens Nestling is one of the most popular playschools in Gurgaon. This school also follows the CBSE curriculum. And provide all the things, that should be given to children. For more information about this school, you can visit their website also

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