Should Companies Consider a SharePoint HR Portal for Managing Personnel?

SharePoint is a joint collaboration of a website that uses workflow applications, databases other features of websites and security features. It is mainly used to empower and strengthen teams that are involved in various types of business. 

Now that you’re here, take a few minutes from your time and go through these articles about successful CRM management and sharepoint content management system.

What Does SharePoint Do?

The function of the human resources has evolved across the industries. The HR is now responsible for all kinds of initiatives such as recruitment, training, employee welfare and strategic planning and benefits to support the company as a whole. 

The sharepoint HR portal assists the personnel working in HR to manage recruitment, attendance, training, time tracking and recognition and benefits and more. In simple words, it allows the users to control access to information and also help in automating certain processes. It improves the overall transparency and productivity. 

Now that we know what it does, let’s discuss some of its benefits.

SharePoint Benefits

Traditionally all HR records are stored in cabinets or in shared drives by using standard storage models. This makes sharing, organizing, retrieving and protecting the documents quite difficult. To make this problem go away HR managers are gravitating more and more towards IT. 

  • The forms and policies that are used commonly by HR management and employees can be stored and managed by sharepoint. This allows the users a complete access 24/7. 
  • You can also find out who reviewed the updated form and also track the employees using the digital signature. 
  • Sharepoint will also prepare an update and renew the important documenta. Since sharepoint is integrated with MS Outlook and Office, making requests and giving approvals will be completely automated and not require using paper.
  • Sharepoint will make sure that the updated status of the request is available on the dashboard. 
  • You may even take advantage of the video library feature of sharepoint and come effective training program. This saves a lot of time and eliminates the company’s dependency on live training sessions. 

SharePoint Use Cases

The following are a few fields in a company where sharepoint can save costs and bring efficiency. 

Onboarding Employees

Enterprise mobility management software makes managing various types of documents very easy. Whether it is a policy paper, legal document or some type of form, sharepoint will manage it in time in an efficient manner. A while ago, it used to be done with paper which is time consuming and also costs money. 

Document Management and Retention

In case you are using the services of sharepoint migration, it will a breeze for you to execute controlled document storage right away and offer access to only those users who are allowed in a secure way. Sharepoint can also protect the data from getting damaged by utilizing disaster recovery feature and keep personal information safe.

Performance Management and Evaluation

Sharepoint HR portal and other software applications like it do their utmost to make sure that performance management and evaluation is done easily in a straight forward way. It requires quite a lot of documentation for the time period the employee is serving the company.

Policies and Procedures

You need a strong record management system to maintain your policies and procedures. All of them must be available to the employees and regulators in their updated form all the time. 

Compliance with Rules

All the companies are constantly required to meet the standards set by the government and governing agencies. Sharepoint makes sure that everything is set and in order. 

Final Words

The sharepoint HR portal offers various benefits to the businesses in this day and time. Paperless documentation and process automation are just two of the few advantages which alone save much cost and time which can be wisely used somewhere else. Although it may take for your system and employees to adapt to it but once in it starts functioning properly, you will only see improvement in your daily tasks. 

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