Shifting Paradigms in Equipment Maintenance with RapidMade’s 3D Tech


The industrial maintenance sector is often hamstrung by the high costs and limited availability of spare parts from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). RapidMade is altering this status quo with its advanced 3D scanning and printing services, offering an efficient and cost-effective alternative to conventional OEM reliance.

Challenging Traditional OEM Reliance:

RapidMade’s approach directly contests the traditional OEM model known for its costly and rigid nature in procuring spare parts. Their integration of 3D scanning and printing enables companies to independently produce their spare parts. This autonomy helps circumvent the high costs and scarcity often linked with OEM parts, effectively tackling the issue of planned obsolescence.

Embracing Independence in Spare Part Production:

RapidMade’s 3D scanning technology marks a significant shift towards self-sufficiency in producing spare parts. It allows for the precise digitization and replication of parts, crucial for outdated or unique components. This shift to self-reliance is pivotal, freeing businesses from the grip of OEM pricing and restricted availability.

Revolutionizing Spare Part Manufacturing:

RapidMade’s 3D printing services, coupled with 3D scanning, are transforming the production of spare parts. This process enables on-demand manufacturing, dramatically reducing inventory and storage costs. Especially beneficial for producing low-volume, custom parts, it ensures uninterrupted functionality of machinery, even without OEM support.

Economic Advantages and Improved Inventory Management:

The adoption of 3D scanning and printing offers significant economic benefits. Businesses can cut costs by avoiding the steep prices set by OEMs, thereby reducing production delays and equipment downtime. The expedited manufacturing capabilities of 3D printing further enhance these advantages. This technology also brings unparalleled flexibility to inventory management, allowing for the production of parts as required and diminishing the need for large storage spaces.


RapidMade’s 3D scanning and printing services signify a transformative change in industrial equipment maintenance and spare part production. These services not only provide autonomy and cost efficiency but also revamp the production process. They equip businesses with the necessary tools to maintain smooth operations, liberating them from the constraints of traditional OEM dependencies.

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