Shake Your Body To Good Health

Whole-body vibration has made quite a buzz in the health industry for all the right reasons! Vibration therapy strengthens bones and muscles, stimulates circulation and the lymphatic system along with multiple other benefits. 

There are whole body vibration machines for the elderly as well as for younger people and athletes, making vibration therapy the future of good health. Seniors especially have the most to gain from vibration therapy, as WBV can reduce blood pressure and combat diabetes, creating a safe path to better health and improved performance. Vibration therapy for the elderly can lead to:

  • Stronger muscles
  • More bone mass
  • Increased blood flow
  • Increased flexibility
  • Stimulate lymphatic system
  • Reduction in cortisol levels

Vibration therapy is a time-tested method for improving athletic performance and health for younger people – and with a modified, gentler approach it is effective for improving strength and health for seniors as well. 

How Does The Vibration Make You Stronger 

The shaking of the vibration plate causes our muscles to adjust to this stress, in an automatic reaction that causing them to work harder and become stronger. While it feels more like a massage, in actual fact our muscles are working hard responding to the vibration. The vibration activates muscles by tugging at the muscle spindles – the receptors in our muscles that trigger stretching. These muscle spindles then are activated which causes contractions resulting in a workout.

Vibrating Diseases Away

For those who are unable to work out or exercise on a vibrating platform, just standing on a vibrating platform can still bring great benefits. Even just standing on the plate will cause the muscle fibers to tighten and relax creating a workout, increasing circulation, lymphatic drainage, the stretch reflex, and many other benefits. Vibrating therapy for the elderly can improve cardiovascular health and fight osteoporosis. 

Improves Balance

Greater flexibility and increased range of movement are one reason for reduced tension and greater mobility. Bone loss and common breaks in the hip or shoulder are prevented by improved balance and increasing bone density. Vibration therapy signals the body to build bone, and increases the production of osteoblasts cells in the bone which build new bone. 

Treats Soft-Tissue Injuries

Whole-body vibration can also be combined with other treatment options such as stretching, massage, or other home exercises for accelerated recovery and chronic pain management. WBV can also be practiced as a stand-alone therapy. 

Reduces Back Pain

With consistent whole-body vibration exercise or therapy, there is a remarkable reduction in pain sensation and disability. Exercises performed on a vibration platform under certain parameters are safe and effective in reducing pain.

Reduces Arterial Stiffness

WBV is a very convenient form of physical activity that has powerful effects on the muscle and bone. Apart from the many benefits that the whole-body vibration has, it also is effective in reducing arterial stiffness without having any negative impact on the blood pressure or heart rate.

Reduction In Symptoms Of Depression

A huge 2021 study involving 17,000 people regarding the effects of whole-body vibration on depression have shown remarkable results with a significant reduction in symptoms. By just spending 15 to 20 minutes on the vibrating platform, you can provide your body with immense benefits and rid yourself of depression and other enervating thoughts.

Becky Chambers, a natural health practitioner, teacher, and author of several books on whole-body vibration, has a vast knowledge about whole-body vibration and how it transforms your life on every level. You can find all her books on the subject on Amazon and witness for yourself the changes her teachings and whole-body therapy will bring to your life.

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