Setting Up A Company In Abu Dhabi

For many business owners, choosing a business location is an intricate and critical undertaking. The reason is apparent. The sheer amount of variables to weigh has gotten many in a fix. Also, because business setups are often relatively permanent, the consequences of choices – whether they be good or bad – often turn out to be reverberating. In this article, we discuss why of a lot of cities worldwide, Abu Dhabi remains an ideal location for you to start your company. We also discuss serviced office spaces in Abu Dhabi and how they fit into the picture. Read on to find out, particularly if you fall within this demographic!

Why is Abu Dhabi Such An Ideal Place For Your Company?

Abu Dhabi is an elite and bubbly business and tourism hub. It has come a long way from being just a desert oasis, thanks to its economic growth in recent years. Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, contributes more than half of the GDP of the Emirates. It is also at the forefront of economic development in the region and seated comfortably even among an elite company of economic powerhouses worldwide. The economy is strong and can sustain growth in the private sector in the long term.

Abu Dhabi is also strategically located. Along with the rest of the UAE, it is located at a point on the map where it facilitates competitive, global, and forerunning trade and services. It is a gateway of sorts for trade in Africa, the Middle East, and Southern Asia. It boasts a robust airplane network. It is also readily accessible from different parts of the flights. It is noteworthy that the Emirates is not short of elite human capital as well.

There is always so much going on! There is no shortage of exciting events popping all over the radar, ranging from the formal to the informal and everything in between. This is despite the apparent seasonal variations in the frequency of events, generally. The variety, as well as the frequency, suggest that you will most likely be able to fit in a niche and thrive as you go on. For example, if you embrace event management, you will most likely have business engagements all year-round if you decide to take the big step.

The population and the scope of activities in Abu Dhabi, as well as in other parts of the Emirates continue to expand by the day. They require a commensurate supply of services to meet the demands that ensue from this expansion. What then does this imply? You do not have to worry about oversaturating the market. It is constantly growing.

Setting up in Abu Dhabi will also be worthwhile because the registration process is not so tedious. In addition, the stringency of governmental policies concerning businesses is not so demanding that they unnecessarily hold you back or stunt your growth. Their business setup regulations are so flexible that setting up a business could take only a few weeks. You’d be up and running soon after. Also, there is 100% foreign ownership of companies and 0% corporate tax rates. It is a serene environment for budding businesses and company establishments.

Why Serviced Offices?

While business opportunities abound, spaces do not, more times than often. Even accessing and properly managing the limited ones can be quite a hassle, sometimes. Serviced offices for rent in Abu Dhabi exist to alleviate this problem. If you do not want to commit to tedious, long conventional rentals as a company, you intend to ease the financial burdens from using some equipment, or you just want more flexible terms of services, serviced offices for rent in Abu Dhabi suffice.

Office spaces in Abu Dhabi typically have a standard physical infrastructure – that is, the office spaces(s) – in place are properly maintained, furnished, and ready to function at any time, unlike traditional leased spaces. It is why when it comes down to traditional leased spaces versus serviced offices, business centers have the propensity to choose the latter. Also, with serviced offices in Abu Dhabi business centers, there is access to accessory gadgets and supplementary, albeit relevant services in place to offer the ultimate office experience to whoever eventually rents this space. Some of these include reception services, business machines, and discounted access to equipment that would otherwise be too expensive.

If you are a start-up, a budding business, a project-based team, or a growing company seeking to thrive in the Gateway to the Gulf, serviced offices are the ideal and the most hassle-free choice for you!

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