Scholarships to study in Australia 

Would you also like to study, work or do an internship abroad for a while, but cannot afford this with your side job? Read here a number of tips that will help you make your dream come true.

Maybe it is the case that you are eligible for financial support in the form of a scholarship. There are several grants that can offer you some extra financial space. It often takes some search for universities and time to find and apply for the right scholarship.

How can you best approach this?

Start your search as early as possible and do not wait too long to submit your application for any type of scholarship according to your abilities.

Merit-based exchanges

There are Merit-based scholarships that are awarded to students on the base of their academic merit. Consider, for example, it could be your grades, result of the entrance tests of university, or even a special talent in the arts or some subject. Special activities, such as doing a lot of voluntary work, can also earn you an extra scholarship. You can see which conditions you must meet on the university website.

Diversity Fairs

Most Australian universities consider it important to attract a diverse population of new students. This is the reason why some universities offer scholarships to students with a certain background. It helps them to increase diversity on campus. There is a certain criteria for these types of scholarships are, for example: gender, country, ethnicity, religious preference, physical limitations or learning disabilities, and even having a special talent. 

Submit your application after you have been officially admitted to the study program.
Registration without a copy of proof that you have been admitted to the study program may result in your application not being processed. Also, apply for Student visa Australia in time.

Make a standard application You will
probably submit several applications to different scholarships. Make a standard application per grant, this will save you a lot of time! 

Clearly state for each application why you think you are eligible for this specific grant.
Every fair has a specific goal and specific conditions. Explain clearly why you need the relevant grant to choose your study. 

Inquire at your study program.
Of course you can always contact your own institution. Often there is an “International Office” or similar service available. They can often provide a lot of useful information about the possibilities.

If you are not eligible for a scholarship, don’t give up yet! 

The Association of Study Portals and the Council have created the Global Study Awards. The aim of the Global Study Awards is to encourage young people to study abroad after high school. Not only does the study contribute to the future of young people, but also getting to know other countries, cultures and languages.

With these tips you will have found a suitable scholarship in no time. This way you can start your foreign adventure with peace of mind, and you can enjoy student life with your hard-earned money from your side job. Cheers! 

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