Saumitra Pandey of SalesDuo: Theme Based Bid Suggestions

As a search advertising solution for Amazon suppliers, Amazon introduced “Amazon Advertising” (formerly known as Amazon Marketing Services, or AMS), in 2018. Sellers only get paid when customers click on their advertising, much as pay-per-click Google ads. AMS is expanding quickly. In fact, it is anticipated that Amazon’s ad income would reach 39.45 billion in 2023.

Your team should think about using AMS if you aren’t already. Amazon Advertising has the potential to replace Google and Facebook as the primary venue for many companies’ advertising.

Theme-based bid proposals provide ideas and effect indicators for numerous themes, allowing our customers to select a bid from a theme that is most closely related to their campaign.

The initial theme published suggests bids to produce sales, and the effect measurements are weekly clicks and purchase orders received by related items. The bid suggestions are derived from a sample of recent winning bids for similar items, which are updated on a regular basis to reflect market developments. Bid proposals will be made in the currency of the marketplace with which the API endpoint is linked.

Our clients can use Sponsored Products theme-based bid suggestions to potentially enhance sales by establishing the proper bid for ad campaigns connected with important shopping periods and holidays. By checking the estimated weekly clicks and conversions, we can access the bids for a certain theme and pick the bid that best matches the client’s campaign.

Because theme-based bid suggestions (TBBS) provide past effect measurements based on similar items, bid suggestions can assist in determining the appropriate offer for the client’s campaign. Consider soliciting bid proposals for new campaigns or existing ad groups. To make the most of TBBS, we propose picking a theme that is consistent with the client’s campaign and placing the right bid based on impact metrics two to three weeks ahead of each key shopping event. TBBS is available to all marketers in the US, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Theme-based bid suggestions VS current bid suggestions

The present bid suggestions provides bids without effect metrics. Theme-based bid ideas include bids as well as historical impact measurements of weekly clicks and purchase orders even during seasonality events to assist us determine which bid to go with the campaign. The proposed bids are returned at the targeting clause level, while the impact data are produced at the ad group level.

Why use Theme Based Bid Suggestions (TBBS)

More consumers can purchase on a specific day, such as Prime Day, which may increase the cost per click (CPC). During Prime Day, there is a potential that the items will see a lot of traffic. To compete with other sellers, we must maintain a high level of awareness for our items and bid aggressively. However, on this unique day, it is unclear which bidding rate will be appropriate. In order to bid efficiently on this particular day, use a TBBS function that is distinct from those used on other days. We can obtain a sense of what bid rates might be beneficial for the items. Requests for special days are calculated by taking past activity on certain days as well as current market trends.


The beta options inside each of the campaign kinds are also growing, in addition to the campaign types themselves. It might be challenging to stay on top of all the changes, but knowing your alternatives can help you develop the ideal Amazon Ads strategy.

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