Restaurant Marketing 101

The successful operations of any restaurant brand depend to a great extent on the effective marketing techniques adopted and the resultant surge in sales. As the competition is getting tougher day by day, it’s quite essential to engage and retain the existing customers and attract new diners. Let’s delve deep into the various online and offline avenues for marketing your restaurant brand. 

Online avenues

Website, blogging and review sites – Market the restaurant brand effectively through your own website. The details such as location, hours of functioning, various dishes, change in menu etc. can be included in the website. Frequently posting SEO friendly blogs on the website can help boost the ranking in Google search. Getting your brand listed in review sites can also help generate more sales.  A person can be made in-charge for monitoring and responding to the customer reviews. Ensure that negative reviews are replied on time without causing further damage.   

Social media marketing – As per the survey by MGH, nearly 45% of the US diners tried a restaurant for the first time because of a social media post made by the establishment itself. Hence restaurant marketing solutions through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can do wonders for your brand. Create a social media page for your brand and frequently post photos and videos of the dishes and tips by your chefs. Running campaigns, contests and targeted ads based on age or gender is another effective method. 

E-mail and SMS marketing – Cloud based restaurant management platforms such as inresto campaign, help you launch targeted campaigns via e-mail, SMS or push notifications. The campaigns can be automated and you can schedule them based on the intelligent information provided by the platform. The effectiveness of the previous marketing campaigns can be easily inferred by checking the insightful reports.

Offline avenues 

Advertisements in mediaPopularising your brand by advertising in television, newspapers and radio can help expand the customer base significantly.

Hosting events – Sponsoring community events, celebrations and programs such as fund raisers, marathons and charity events can boost your restaurant’s publicity.

Distributing flyers and pamphlets – Keep a staff outside your restaurant to distribute pamphlets and flyers to people passing by. It can include information such as launch of new restaurants, discount offers, seasonal and promotional offers etc. 

Parting Words

In these pandemic times, restaurants worldwide are going through a bad phase and it’s quite important to focus on the marketing and advertising programs. Besides utilising the online and offline avenues discussed earlier, choosing the right restaurant management software would be the key in increasing your sales.

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