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It is sometimes necessary to block USB flash drive access to keep confidential information free from the possibility of being copied from a computer. Restoring USB flash drive access may be desired at some point. The process for restoring USB flash drive access is very similar to the process of restricting them. Even a novice user can make the necessary modifications in order to use the USB flash drive once again. Here are the steps you need to know:

  1. Go to “regedit” by clicking the “Start” button and search for “regedit”.
  2. Open “regedit” by clicking on the name of the search results list.
  3. Scroll down the list of keys until you find “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \\ SYSTEM \\ CurrentControlSet \\ Services \\ UsbStor “
  4. Change the “Start” value from “4” to “3”. This will make the USB flash drive ready to be used again after restarting your computer.

But how if you can’t find your important files in the drive? Maybe you have deleted them? Today, I will show you how Wondershare Recoverit can help you recover deleted items!

Recoverit does a formidable job and of extraordinary complexity, I can’t even imagine how it manages to recover file fragments and regenerate them with such efficiency.

If you are a professional photographer, you must be very concerned about the safety of your work. It’s a nightmare to think about losing customer photos, an incalculable loss. But just doing a lot of backups won’t give you all the peace of mind you need to avoid losing files. I know, it’s remote that you’ll lose all your backup drives at once, but what if it happens? Yes, it can happen, a virus attack for example, or a system crash just when you have the backup disk turned on.

Also, files can get lost before you even have a chance to make backups. Have you noticed the new camera releases, many professionals complained about new models that came with only one memory card slot. This is almost a fundamental requirement for many areas, for example in wedding photography, where photographers use the second card slot to automatically back up the first. Have you ever thought of what a disaster it would be to lose your wedding photos? And that happens, cards fail all the time and you can lose work before you even have a chance to download the card data to your computer.

My friend, it’s never too late to think about it. In fact, better to think before it happens and be prepared for an emergency, isn’t it? The solution is to have data recovery software. There are a lot of them out there, but few are as complete and reliable as Recoverit. You professional will want a professional solution as well, something guaranteed and the developer of Recoverit, Wondershare, has been working on it since 2003, serves heavy customers and is highly recommended by all who try it.

Try it out, download the program for free, and simulate a loss of files on your memory card or backup HD. I did this by simulating an accidental deletion with an SD memory card, deleting the photos directly from the camera and with an external hard drive, those with a USB connection, typical for use as backup. In both, I tested photo and video files.

The recovery process is simple, I selected the desired drive and then clicked start. Recoverit started to recognize the files and the list grew. While he was doing that, I was already looking at the previews of the images and choosing the ones I wanted to retrieve. On the memory card, the process was very fast, because the card was of high speed and I didn’t even have that many files. On the external hard drive it took a little longer, it was a 1TB hard drive almost full and it’s slower. In other words, the analysis and recovery speed will depend much more on the device and the computer than on the program itself. Finished the process I clicked on recover and selected a new folder for it. It is important to choose a folder off the disk that is being recovered, I used a subfolder inside the backup of the computer itself.

The result was surprising, after deleting the files and formatting the disk, Recoverit found 100% of the deleted files plus some old ones that I didn’t even remember existed. Best of all, you can even view the files found for free, and once you’ve made sure the program works, you’ll certainly want your license to use and have it at hand.

Another really cool thing is that the website and the program are super simple and intuitive.

Recoverit’s capabilities are impressive, it does corrupt hard drive recovery, which is not any data recovery software that does. But although the work of the program is complex, its operation is simple and you don’t need any extra knowledge to apply the recovery steps. But if you need help, tech support is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – you’ll never get stuck.

Recoverit identifies RAW, JPG, PNG and all other image file extensions, but it’s not just for photography, it has a huge list of file extensions it can recover, that includes all major video, audio and even compressed files. This makes it the perfect solution for recovering file types commonly used by photographers and filmakers, whether on memory card, computer hard drive or backup discs.

In addition to recovering accidentally deleted files or formatted disks, you can also recover recycled files from the recycle bin, damaged partitions, files lost from virus attacks, system crashes, power outages during recording and even a general recovery. Just choose the option, select the device to be recovered and watch the magic happen. In other words, you will have a solution to a lot of problems, so the investment is small to work with peace of mind. Have as many backups as you can, but count on Recoverit to save you from the unexpected.

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