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Recommended early spring landscape and outdoor home maintenance

Written by Pressure Washing Friendswood, a landscape and pressure washing company located in Texas.

These spring maintenance tips will protect your home and landscape and make it easier to maintain and much more beautiful over the summer.

Cut those shrubs back!

Early spring is the best time to cut small trees and shrubs back! To leave time for plants that flower on new wood to recover, pruning in early spring after the buds have emerged but before they expand is best.   Immediately after flowering on old wood, pruning should be done, as if you wait too long, they will not be able to create buds for next year, and if you do it before they bud, you will be removing the flowers. Wood that is dead or damaged can be withdrawn at any time, but we recommend verifying it is dead by waiting to see if buds emerge.

Make sure you schedule your appointment for the correct timing so you can enjoy your shrubs and trees.  Schedule on our website today.

Get that lawn ready for summer!

Weeds should be treated weeks before they start growing, and the lawn should be feed weeks after it starts developing.  A pre-emergent should be applied to keep the weed seeds that ended up in your yard last year from germinating before it gets warm. Most pre-emergent herbicides are residual, meaning they stay in the lawn and continue to prevent weeds for a few weeks depending on the type.  Fertilizer should be applied a few weeks after the lawn starts to grow. Waiting a few weeks allows the lawn to reestablish deep roots and avoids feeding the weeds. Avoid mowing until the grass is long enough to require cutting. Cutting the lawn too low can create many lawn problems, such as encouraging weeds to germinate and shallow root development.

Do not forget to call on getting on your lawn care providers’ schedule before they book up and either do not have room on their route for you, or they will not be able to give you early rates. You can contact us through our website here.

Stop the weeds in your flowerbeds before they start!

Did you know you could significantly reduce the number of weeds that sprout up every spring?  This can be done by laying a pre-emergent down in your flowerbeds.  A pre-emergent works the same way in your flowerbeds as it does in your lawn.  It prevents weed seeds from germinating while having virtually no effect on your established and grown flowers.  A pre-emergent should be applied to your flowerbeds a few weeks before weeds sprout out of the ground often March is the best time to use a flowerbed pre-emergent in Stark County, Ohio.

Another way to keep weeds down in flowerbeds is to apply mulch at the proper thickness to your flowerbeds.  Mulch Installation reduces weeds; it also maintains a healthy soil and attractive flowerbed appearance.  Mulch can be used as early as late March in the Canton, Ohio area, but we recommend the month of May as the absolute optimal time.

As Mulch and Weed Control Experts, our schedule fills up fast for these services.  Early scheduling is highly recommended.

Unclog those gutters!

Keeping your gutters free of debris and blockages can save you thousands in damages to your home and in repairs. We recommend getting your gutters cleaned before the spring rain to avoid damages to the exterior and even the interior of your home. Your roof gutters are not something you want to ignore.  You may also want to consider a roof cleaning to remove the green or black streaks from your roof before it leads to damage or an awful appearance and often even leads some to believe they need a new roof.  This may be a service you want to consider this spring. By visiting this site you can know how to driveway repair.

Get that Filth off your home and driveway!

Spring is a great time to wash your home and concrete services.  A proper house wash will remove all that nasty mold and mildew off your home, along with the corrosive salt we put on our roads and driveways to keep the ice at bay during our Northeast Ohio winters.  A house wash or driveway cleaning can be done any time during the warm season, but why have it done in the spring so you can enjoy your clean home and driveway over the entire summer.  It can change the look of a home, giving it a boost in curb appeal.

Remove all winter debris that accumulated over the winter months!

General spring cleanup is necessary for an excellent season for your landscapes.  We recommend this service late in March or April. Our lawn care professionals team will efficiently remove all winter debris and unnecessary clutter that has accumulated over the winter months. Then we will tackle your flower beds, shrubbery, trees, and lawns, so they are clean, tidy, and ready to celebrate spring.

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