Reasons Why You Should Never Host Your Videos


The existence of media assets (pictures, music, and video) contributes to the richness of the web. When you add relevant and well-made videos to your WordPress site, you undoubtedly improve the overall quality of your material. In addition, people increasingly prefer to watch videos rather than read texts. 

As a result, you can be certain that videos will enhance the likelihood of your visitors reacting to your content, whether in the form of comments, subscriptions, or social secure video hosting. Therefore, to make these videos available on the web, you need 

Embedding Videos vs. Self-Hosting Videos

Embedding a video is a simple two-step process. Start by uploading your video to a 3rd party video hosting site like YouTube.

After that, you copy and paste the show’s URL into a piece of content with your WordPress website. The video will appear on your site wherever you set the URL.

Self-hosting requires submitting the short video to the same internet server hosting as that of your WordPress website, utilizing WordPress’s constructed file uploader much like you would an image or image to your site.

With that in view, there seem to be many explanations why you should not upload media files to your very own web server – especially if it’s a shared server.

Reasons Against Self-hosting Videos

  1. Increased Server Load

While most video files are 100 MB or more in size, many hosting plans restrict the number of files uploaded to the server to 50 MB. Some of them may have it written into their terms and conditions.

In certain instances, posting a video clip may be disallowed, and your website may be pulled down.

  1. Piracy Possibility

The file locations are often accessible in the source code when you host your videos, making them easily stolen. Anyone may simply copy the URL of the video’s location, download the file, and then claim ownership of it on the Internet. Instead of self-hosting, embedding would be a much superior option. This is done to safeguard your data and your WordPress site.

  1. Server prices have risen

Growing video bandwidth consumption and increased demand for performance and speed will undoubtedly skyrocket server prices. So if you want to keep your growing collection of self-hosted movies online, you’ll need to transfer to a dedicated hosting provider.

A simple WordPress website will cost about 377.84 Indian Rupee per month or less in most circumstances. However, the fees for a website with a collection of self-hosted videos may easily exceed ten times this amount. 

Similarly, having a self-hosted home server is often inconvenient especially because most Internet Service Providers restrict bandwidth over a range of IP addresses whenever they detect unusual behavior.

  1. There is no standard video file format available.

There are currently no standard video formats that are supported by all browsers. In addition, because each of the main browsers uses a distinct video format, video files must be translated into numerous video file formats. All of this implies that you’ll need to post many videos to fulfill the standards for all browsers and provide all of your guests a good experience when they visit your WordPress website.


Finally, posting your films to YouTube, Dailymotion, or other well-known media streaming platforms is a better option for video hosting. The biggest benefit is that you will receive a unique video URL and tags that you can use on your website. Furthermore, when a visitor or user views a movie on your website, the video is streamed directly from the server where the film was originally uploaded. As a result, neither the style of your website nor the quality of your video is harmed.


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