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Reasons Why You Need To Work with Experienced Knock-Down Rebuild Specialists

Sydney holds the title of having the most expensive market when it comes to houses. Naturally, home renovation in Sydney is also costly. For example, if your house in Sydney costs $1,123 991, which is the median price of houses in Sydney, you would spend at least $112,000 on renovations. 

Home relocation is the same. You would have to look for a new place to live in and adjust your way of living. In a city like Sydney, what are the chances of finding the same standards that you have now? 

This is the appeal of a knockdown rebuild in Sydney. It allows you to stay in a community you have gotten accustomed to, coupled with a feeling of having a new home. 

Assistance of Knock-Down Rebuild (KDR) Specialists in Sydney During the KDR Process

Professionals that specialise in the knockdown rebuild in Sydney have a series of steps that can help you throughout the whole process:

  • Initial Consultation – In this part of the process, you and your KDR specialist will work on what will fit your needs and your block. You can even choose whether to get an on-demand service or have them come to you.
  • Tender Request – After choosing your perfect home and paying for the initial Tender Request fee, a site inspector will do a comprehensive contaminated soil assessment of your home. This assessment includes soil tests and a contour survey.
  • Design – This includes selecting fittings, fixtures, and colour scheme that would fit your preferences.
  • Tender Acceptance – KDR specialists will present you with your custom-made Tender, laying out what you will acquire and its related costs.
  • Demolition – In the demolition process, KDR specialists would arrange the demolition for you. From the materials to the preparation of sites, KDR specialists will put everything together.
  • Construction – During the construction process, KDR specialists will make sure that your house’s construction is council-approved. Furthermore, they will update you throughout the whole process.
  • Handover and Warranty – A site supervisor will assist you throughout your new home’s important features and rooms. They are also responsible for explaining the manufacturer’s warranty for your appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Knock-Down Rebuild (KDR) Process.

The Knock-Down Rebuild Process is bound to raise some questions. Here are some answers to the common inquiries about the KDR process:

  • How much will it yield?

The short answer? It depends. Every KDR project is unique, so it is hard to put an actual price on them. However, a knockdown rebuild in Sydney generally costs less to build per square meter than a structural renovation.

  • Do you need to get council permits?

Yes. Although some KDR specialists have administrative assistance that looks into the needed permits for your new home. So, there’s no need to worry!

  • Where will I/my family stay while my/our house is being built?

Some choose to live with relatives; some decide to rent temporarily. Either way, KDR specialists would not start with the process unless you have settled in somewhere. 

  • Is Knock-Down Rebuild for me?

For people with growing families or people who need a better-looking personal space, yes. If you are comfortable with your location with your community and its local facilities, also yes. 

In retrospect, choosing to renovate or rebuild requires a lot of thinking. You need to weigh in your options well!

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