Reasons Why Dental Implants Are So Popular

Introduction –

Dental implants are the most popular option for tooth replacement. This consists of biocompatible, high-grade screws, a dental crown, and an abutment that joins them. They are screwed in the jaw bone in the missing tooth empty socket. After the dental implant is rooted in the jaw bone, the body starts healing naturally. If done properly, it will not make your teeth lose again. It will make the implant a part of your anatomy. A dental implant is the only option that can permanently replace the missing tooth. 

Why are Dental Implants So Popular?

  1. Prevent misalignment – A missing tooth can cause the teeth to lean right or left. The gaps in the jawline will result in misalignment. Implant Dentist Lake Mary helps in keeping the teeth straight and prevents the problems like gaps, gum disease, and difficulty in enunciating words. 
  2. Maintain the facial structure and jaw bone – Dental implants help in restoring the smile as well as the jaw bone. When you lose teeth in the mouth, the jawbone deteriorates. This will make your face look sunken. Dental implants look and function like natural teeth. The new bone growth will support the shape of the face. Tooth Implant Lake Mary makes your face look younger and also prevents further dental problems.
  3. Long-lasting results – There are many types of tooth replacements like dentures, bridges, dental implants, etc. Dentures and bridges have to be replaced within 5 to 10 years whereas dental implants can last for a lifetime. The implants can be costlier than the other replacements. Here the maintenance is also low like brushing and flossing are only required. There are rare chances of failure of the implant. Regular cleaning and checkups will help the implant to stay long. It can last for a lifetime also. 
  4. High success rate – Dental implants have a high success rate of 98%. It is proven that it lasts long and gives more reliable outcomes than other tooth replacement treatments. The survival rate of the dental implant can depend on the patient’s habits like oral hygiene habit, tobacco use, gum health, and jawbone depth. 
  5. Helps in eating properly – Dental implants are deeply rooted under the jawbone. It improves the ability to chew food. After the implant, you can eat your favorite food which you were not able to eat before the dental implant. Here you need not have to worry about incidents like dentures and bridges. 
  6. Comfortable option – Dental implants are deeply rooted in the jawbone. Once they are healed they won’t move around. Lake Mary Dentist will ensure your security and comfort. And there is no need for any extra maintenance. 
  7. A perfect combination for fashion and luxuryDental implants feel, look and perform like natural teeth. Dental Implants Lake Mary gives the patient the self-confidence to smile and eat. It allows participation in social activities without any fear of appearance and that the dentures will fall off. 
  8. Low maintenance – Tooth replacement sometimes requires buying costly products for cleaning. But dental implants give hassle-free maintenance. Their maintenance can be done by normal brushing and oral care tools. Dental floss, mouthwash, and toothpaste are enough for maintenance. 

What are the various types of dental implants?

There are three types of dental implants that are designed for particular cases. 

  1. Endosteal implant – Endosteal implant is the most common type of dental implant. This is the safest dental implant. This requires healthy jaw bone for the procedure to properly fuse. 
  2. Subperiosteal implant – This type of dental implant is designed for patients who do not have strong bones in the jawline area. This does not require extensive surgery. 
  3. Zygomatic implant – Zygomatic implant is the most complicated type of dental implant. These are not anchored in the upper jaw rather it is anchored in the cheekbone. 

Conclusion –

Dental implants are used for patients that have one or more missing teeth. This can be a great option for many people but to qualify for this treatment you must have a strong jaw bone, healthy gums, and no underlying condition to prevent healing. The Dentist at Lake Mary will help you understand the procedure and whether you are the ideal dental implant candidate. 

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