Ready To Travel? Safety Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Next Beach Vacation

A survey conducted by Kurnst in 2017 revealed the beach is the most popular vacation destination for people in the US. Other studies show that people who lived near the coast or the ocean provided benefits to their well-being such as making them feel calmer. Places like Hawaii even report having high scores from their residents on their health, relationships, careers, finances, and communities, according to the Gallup Poll’s National Health and Well-Being Index.

Beach water shoe are designed to be worn while swimming or surfing. They are made from durable materials and have a comfortable fit.

Beaches and beach towns are also popular as they provide a wide variety of different and fun recreational activities. On the East Coast of Australia you can go sailing the Whitsundays, diving, snorkelling and water skiing on the water or build sand castles, play beach volleyball and just relax on the sand while onshore. However, just like any other vacation, there are potential hazards and risks present that can ruin a fun trip. There are beach guidelines to help people and families ensure an enjoyable and safe vacation, but familiarizing yourself with the most common accidents on the beach can help you take the necessary steps for prevention.

Skin-Stinging Injuries

When thinking of beach trips, one of the common injuries that occur at the beach that involves the summer heat is sunburn and heatstroke. Staying too long under the sun can cause skin damage and give you a headache or make you feel dizzy. Sunburn can be avoided by applying sunscreen and wearing the appropriate protective clothing, though it’s also recommended to not stay under the sun between 11 am and 3 pm. For heatstroke, drinking lots of water and spraying your skin with water helps. It is also important to keep in mind creatures in the water such as jellyfish, sea urchins, and corals by being aware of your surroundings as you swim or take a step. Another important note to remember is possible sharp objects on the beach such as rocks or shells. Foot injuries can be avoided if wearing slippers or water shoes.

Water Worries

Among the most common beach accidents that can occur in the waters is the risk of drowning, and is said to be the third leading cause of unintentional injury or death worldwide. One of the main leading causes is the inability to swim, so it is recommended that people who would like to venture out into the sea have some formal swimming lessons. Other causes include the lack of supervision, not wearing life jackets, and being under the influence of alcohol. It does not have to be necessarily limited to beach waters either, as locations such as your resort or hotel’s swimming pool can be a potential swimming hazard, especially for children. One must also take into consideration those with seizure disorders, by making sure there is a proper supervisor available to provide emergency help should the occasion arise.

Beaches are indeed an enjoyable way of surviving the heat or spending time with your family, however, it is important to not get too carried away with all the fun to neglect all the potential risks. Even in these times, beach trips are still possible as long as one continues to practice the appropriate sanitization and distancing. Ensure all the possible safety hazards and procedures to ensure maximum enjoyment for your trip by the help of UAE Residence Visa.

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