Questions To Ask Before Shopping For A Traction Device For Penis Enlargement

Gone are the days when you had to settle with the size of your penis. Today, more and more ways are being introduced to the male gender to increase the size of their penis. If you want it on the safer yet effective side, using of traction device is recommended. Moreover, there are many brands to buy it from, but considering the best brand and shop like maleedge is highly recommended to lessen the chances of disappointments.

Of course, you do not want to decide too soon, as if you do, there is a chance that you might get disappointed and not get the traction device you want to get.

Sure, it sounds really exciting but before you get too excited and buy your traction device today, it is best if you ask relevant questions first.

Moving on, if you do not know where to start, here are a few relevant questions to ask before finally sealing an agreement:

What is the warranty and guarantee included?

You have to be very clear with the warranty and guarantee included when you buy a traction device. There are many questions about warranty to ask, and these are:

  • What is included in the warranty?
  • What is excluded on the warranty?
  • When will I get disqualified from the warranty?
  • When is the coverage date of the warranty?
  • Is there a fee to request for warranty extension?
  • What if the item is completely not functioning, will I get a new device or you will just repair the device that I currently have?

Everything about the warranty should be cleared, and also the guarantee, especially if they have a 100% money back guarantee agreement being offered. There are questions about guarantee to ask, and these are:

  • Is it the entire money I paid; I will receive back in the event I am not satisfied?
  • What are the qualifications to accept my refund request?
  • Do I need to pay shipping fee in case I return the item?

If you do not want to get disappointed with this agreement, make sure to ask specific questions about this policy.

Payment options

If you are buying online, make sure that you are clear about the payment options to use. Of course, you want a payment option that is very comfortable for you especially that you are paying virtually.

If the payment option you are planning to use is not available on their website, do not hesitate to call them and ask if they accept the payment option you are most comfortable using. Of course, you do not want to have hesitations, worries and concerns when paying using the option they prefer.


Delivery is also an important matter to discuss with the shop. To start with, here are a few questions under this criterion:

  • Are you going to use a third-party delivery service or you have in-house delivery?
  • When can my items be dispatched?
  • When can I expect my traction device to arrive?
  • What if I receive the wrong item?
The more questions you ask, the closer you could get from buying what you really need.

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