Product rendering for furniture manufacturers

Some things have just always been that way. At least as long as we can remember. For example that you sleep in the bedroom, cook in the kitchen and eat in the dining room. Or let’s go further: For example, that there is even a bedroom, a kitchen and a dining room. These rules are now being broken. So before buying new furniture you must keep 3d product rendering in mind.

High quality 3d renderings is also used to show your furniture product in catalog on the web or social networks. If you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors with a serious 3d rendering provider in the execution of deadlines and exquisite quality in all 3d productions, you can count it.

Assemble furniture in 2D and 3D

A product rendering is the perfect solution for compiling your more complex furniture, such as sofas and box springs, in a smooth way. With the help of the 3D software, your salespeople can compose and order the desired product very easily and flawlessly. In fact, even your customers can assemble and order furniture flawlessly thanks to the product configurator. 

By taking them step by step through the configuration, they forget not to include anything in the sales process. Combinations that are not possible are automatically excluded from the selection and previous choices can easily be adjusted in any order. In this way we ensure that error margins in your sales and purchase orders are drastically reduced!

And when you combine the furniture with 2D or 3D visualization, your customers see step by step how your products are put together, what options and choices they have and what they will look like in real life. In this way, they see a realistic picture of your products, so that they can buy with confidence. 

The product rendering for the residential sector makes it possible for you to put together the most extensive configurations of your products and to display them immediately. Your sales staff are guided step-by-step through the configuration, so that they no longer forget to include anything in the sales process. Choices from previous elements can be adjusted in any order and impossible combinations are automatically excluded from your selection. In this way, error margins in your sales and purchase orders are drastically reduced immediately.

In combination with 3D or 2D visualization, every step in the product composition becomes understandable and your customers can then see what your configurable furniture will look like in real life. This gives them an accurate and realistic picture of your products, enabling them to buy with confidence and enthusiasm, leading to a higher conversion of no less than 33%.

Why 3d furniture rendering is important?

Don’t just think about what a furniture rendering will bring you, but also think about what it will take away from you. Your customers understand much better what they buy from you and therefore the chance of unwanted surprises is much smaller, so:

– Assemble furniture flawlessly and place it in order

– A fast and modern sales process

– Customers get an accurate and realistic picture of the final piece of furniture

– More conversion

– No complexity

– Fewer returns, dissatisfied customers and unnecessary communication

– Higher customer loyalty

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