Preparation Tips for Class 11 Students

Class 11 is the most crucial year of schooling. It is the transformation phase for students as they have to deal with the vast syllabus, heavy books, and subjects specific to the stream. A Science stream student requires a proper study schedule and strategy to prepare for each subject. So, to help students prepare better for their class 11 exam, we have provided some tips. By going through these tips, students will know how to organise their studies to score high marks in the exam. These tips will also help in building a strong base of students and give them conceptual knowledge. 

5 Experts Tips To Prepare for Class 11 Science Stream

Here are some useful tips and strategies for CBSE class 11 students. 

1) Know the Syllabus

The most important thing is to know the syllabus. Before beginning any studies, students must be thorough with the entire syllabus. So, the foremost thing that a student should do is go through each subject’s syllabus, whether it is Maths, Physics, or any other subject. Knowing the CBSE Syllabus for Class 11 Physics will help students in understanding what topics to cover in Physics subject. Similarly, by going through the syllabus of other subjects, they will get to know the topics to be covered in those subjects. 

2) Refer to the NCERT Books

The most reliable and authentic study resource for students is NCERT books. These books are recommended by the CBSE and are designed by keeping in mind the latest syllabus and pattern. These books will give conceptual clarity to students and help them in understanding the difficult concepts in an easy way. Also, in exams, the question papers are set by referring to the NCERT books. Most of the questions in exams are asked from these books. So, studying from NCERT Books will be an advantage to students as it helps them in scoring good marks. These books will also help in the preparation of competitive exams such as JEE, NEET etc. 

3) Create Your Own Notes

Studying from your own handwritten notes help in understanding the topic easily and fastly. So, students must build a habit of creating their own notes. By writing down the important points and formulas in one place, students can easily revise them whenever they get stuck somewhere while studying or solving a question. Creating notes also helps in last minute revision and saves students time during the exam. 

4) Create a Study Plan

Class 11 students have a vast syllabus and many topics to cover. So, its better that students create a study plan for themselves. Creating a study plan will organise their studies. They can devote time according to their interest. They can allocate more time to those subjects which they find difficult to understand and accordingly can map out the study schedule. The study schedule will also help them in keeping track of what topics they have studied and what needs to be covered. 

5) Study on a Daily Basis

Regular studies are very important. It has been observed in an analysis that students who have studied regularly have scored more marks as compared to those who did irregular studies. So, students who are aiming to score high marks need to study daily. They should not skip even a single day until it’s very urgent. For taking the breaks or lighting their mood, they can study Physical Education Class 11 CBSE. This will refresh their mood and fill them full of energy so that they can again resume their studies. 

We hope this article on “CBSE Class 11 Preparation Tips” must have helped students in their exam preparation. Keep studying and learning something new every day.

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