A car wash can be quite a lucrative business for you to consider setting up today. Kenya’s middle- income earners are increasing which subsequently impacts the auto economy because more people in the middle class have the purchasing power to afford personal cars.

The increase in cars leads to the growth in the car wash business and a car wash machine that is reliable can be a way of earning an income through cleaning vehicles. Putting all that into consideration you actually require a washing machine to start the business and so it is only wise to consider the car washing machines prices in Kenya.

Types of car wash machines in Kenya

Car wash machines that are available in Kenya can be categorized into the following broad categories on the basis of intended user;

Domestic car wash machines –these are mostly small and are recommended for home usage. Most of these models use electric engines where they are operated by plugging it to the mains. They are the most portable machines and have low water flow rate.

Professional car wash machines –they are used for commercial purposes. They have powerful features and are more expensive. They have high pressure and adjustable hose length and bigger engine power and hence they are preferred for their many merits.

Features that determine the best car wash machine

In your quest to find the car washing machine prices in Kenya you may have seen the many options and the various car wash machines available in Kenya. This might make you wonder which car machines features to look out for. Here are features to lookout for in a car wash machine;

The rate of water flow

If there is a high rate of water flow hen it means that you can perform the job more efficiently and without wasting much time. Time is of the essence and so is efficiency hence the rate of water flow is important.


This is a feature that goes hand in hand with the flow of water and hence if the pressure is low then the rate of water flow will be low. High pressure is very good for business since it ensures a fast job while applying the least effort.

Engine power

Engine power or engine size can be seen in the specifications as either HP or in watts. It is necessary in the running of a car washing machine making it an absolute necessity in checking on the features.

Hose length 

A good hose length is One that allows you to move around a vehicle without requiring to carry the machine while you clean the car. The machines that are electric come with a power cable long enough to enable ease in moving around the car while cleaning.


The light machines need to be lightweight and also, they need to have handles for ease of movement. Heavy machines have wheels that help in easy movement of such machines.

Car washing machine price in Kenya

Car washing machines price in Kenya are dictated by various factors;

The engine size is one such determinant whereby bigger models or engine sizes are more expensive.

Another factor is the intended use, for example car washing machines intended for commercial use are more expensive than those intended for personal use.

Buying a used machine will also be relatively cheaper than purchasing a new one although with this method of acquiring a washing machine cautiousness is advised.

Personal considerations to make in the purchase of a car wash machine.

Your budget- machines way beyond your budget will be detrimental to your finances hence it is only fair to consider what is available to spend.

Reputation of a brand. A machine that will be durable and of high quality should be your number one goal. Consider the brand reputation and choose the best.

Your requirements- what is the intended use of the machine? Make your considerations in reference to the purpose for which you are purchasing a machine.

The car washing machine prices in Kenya are influenced by various factors as discussed above and the best car washing machine is one that is in line with your budget, requirements, specifications and features and brand preference. For more information, visit

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