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Play Casino Games Online: What You Need to Know

Play Online Casino No Download

Online casinos are constantly innovating and diversifying their offers. The latest? The ability to play and directly access your favorite games without having to go through the download box. So, while some offer you to configure and install software, others offer you a HTML5 version to be able to play in a few clicks.

How To Play At The Casino Without Having To Download Game Software?

Currently, more and more online casinos submit software in html5 version. This version facilitates the game mode, because in addition to offering as many choices as a classic version, it does not require any configuration. Just go to a browser and you’re done. But to do this, the player must first download Flash on his computer. This application is also accessible online and occupies very little disk space. Moreover, in an online casino, that does not require downloading, the vast majority of games available to bettors are in 3D and easy to handle. You will therefore find your favorite games as you enjoyed them in download casinos, but their interfaces will be improved and will have evolved. And that’s not all. As in all games, you can obviously save your game history and your bankroll before leaving your casino. Therefore, the next time you return to your account, you will easily regain access to the site.

Advantages Of No Download Casinos

Previously, online casino sites only offered two options to follow to reach their games. Today, with the development of technological tools, and in particular with a view to expanding their clientele, they offer a wide choice of games with multiple configurations.

Playing at an online casino that does not require a download therefore has a number of advantages. Among them is that of being able to go directly to the games. Conversely, playing at an online casino that requires downloads can take minutes or even hours, depending on the speed of the connection. And very often, this scares away the bettors. In addition, this kind of files usually occupy a considerable space on the hard disk.

The other strong point of online casinos without downloading lies in the possibility of changing casinos as many times as the player wishes. As in land-based casinos, the bettor can move from one online casino to another.

It should be emphasized here that antivirus is a significant problem in download casinos. Indeed, it blocks the download each time it is started. This is the reason why some gamers end up changing their antivirus settings to allow insider downloads. Of course, this is not without risk, as the computer becomes a perfect target for malware and bad intrusions.

Finally, online casinos that do not require the download of suitable software are the most recommended since they save players the obligation to resort to disreputable sites. And if you prefer to connect via mobile terminals, like smartphones and tablets, downloading Flash is more than recommended.

Live Casino Games

Since the appearance of the live dealer in most online casinos, all gaming industries have been talking about it. The “live dealer” or “live dealer” option is the new gaming method designed by online casinos to communicate the online player with a real croupier or a real dealer. The “live dealer” option only applies to table games such as blackjack, roulette and bacarra. Euro King Casino, Play2Win Casino, 21Dukes Casino and many more offer online games with live dealer.

How Does The Online Casino With Live Dealer Work?

The mode of operation of a live dealer is very simple. Online casinos that offer this type of game are often in collaboration with land-based casinos that give them the green light to directly film the progress of a game. To do this, land-based casinos have installed video cameras capable of seeing the gaming table as well as the dealer in action: distributing cards or handling dice, organizing chips, etc. that is to say that you will instantly follow all the gestures and progress of the game from your computer.

All you need is a computer and a good connection to access it. And on the other side, the dealer or croupier is also equipped with a screen from which he will read and execute all your actions as well as your orders such as bets, and many more. For example, in a live dealer blackjack game, when you want to draw a card, the dealer will draw the card for you and put it on the table. Rest assured, the dealer and the other players at your table will only see your nickname, your bankroll and your actions. In summary, the “live dealer” mode in an online casino is so close to reality that the online player and the dealer can communicate directly.

How To Play Online With A Live Dealer?

To play in “live dealer” mode you must first find an online casino offering this option. Then you need to download and install the casino software offered by the site. Once the software is launched, save your password and username and you can start playing.

To start, you have to choose where you want to play. Then click on the table to join the game. If the table is already full, you will be placed on the waiting list or you choose another table. Once on the table, you choose your own place and can finally start the game. In general, you have less than 2 minutes to make your bets. This delay appears on the left of your screen. Finally, confirm your bet by clicking on “Confirm Bets”.

How To Play On Several Tables At The Same Time?

In each live dealer, you will find an option: “Change Table” which allows you to change the game table as much as you want. Indeed, you will have the possibility to play different games at the same time and to consult the results of the other tables.

Promotional Offers From Online Casinos

One of the indisputable advantages of online casinos over land-based casinos is the existence of numerous promotions and bonuses. Some are more advantageous than others… But all deserve to be known for not missing out on any opportunity!

Welcome Bonuses

To attract new customers, most online casinos offer a welcome bonus upon registration. This type of bonus often allows the new registrant to try out different games and discover the site without too much pressure. Before choosing a new site, remember to check if it offers a welcome bonus!

Referral Bonuses

In line with welcome bonuses, there are sometimes referral bonuses. The online casino may offer replay money or free spins to the player who has invited a friend to join. Depending on the site, the conditions and types of bonuses vary greatly. But generally, the sponsored player is also entitled to a gift!

Temporary Promotions

Another practice is to offer temporary promotions to boost activity on certain games and build customer loyalty. For a given period, the casino can for example decide to lower the prices of its tokens for slot machines. Keep an eye on the news of your favorite sites so you don’t miss anything.

No Deposit Bonuses

These are probably the rarest and most sought after bonuses. Unlike other types of bonuses, no deposit bonuses are bets offered without obligation to purchase. These bonuses usually range from €10 to €50.

Be careful, however, to read the conditions of these bonuses carefully. It is not uncommon for casinos to speak a little abusively of no deposit bonuses when they force you to buy something or more often to replay the sums won.

Free Rounds

A variant of the no deposit bonus is the free game. To promote a new game or boost sales, a casino may offer a number of free spins. They are generally time-limited.

The “Free Spins”

“Free spins” are kinds of free games very often offered by online casinos. These are spins offered at the slot machine.

Bonuses With Wagering Requirements

Most of the time, the bonuses offered by online casinos are subject to wagering requirements. When the casino has a wagering requirement, the player agrees to wager a certain amount of money in order to benefit from it or to be able to withdraw their winnings. Among this type of bonus, we find for example the “bonus match”. This is a percentage offered on an initial deposit. There is also the “sticky bonus”, which allows you to start a game without having made a deposit.

Be careful not to rush headlong into each bonus offered, and to read the conditions carefully before accepting an offer! Some bonuses turn out to be money pits rather than gifts.

“Cash Back”

The “cash backs” are bonuses obtained after spending money on the site. The operation is rather simple: the casino returns part of the lost money to its most loyal players. According to the casinos, the conditions of attribution are extremely variable. Before registering on a site, do not hesitate to find out about its cash back policy. You will know if it benefits your style of play or not.

High Roller Bonuses

In the vein of cash backs, high roller bonuses reward good casino customers. These are bonuses with often very advantageous rates. To be able to take advantage of it, you have to make a substantial bet (hence the name of the bonus). With high rollers, the more you bet, the greater the bonus, and the greater the authorized withdrawals. If you are an experienced player and like to bet large sums, the high roller bonuses are for you.

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