Phone Tracking and SMS Tracking Services

Phone tracking and SMS tracking services are great ways to keep track of your loved ones’ smartphone activity. These services let you know about missed calls and text messages. Parents can use them to monitor their kids’ smartphone usage and find out where they’re texting. These apps also allow you to filter the records and add custom notes. They work with Android 2.3 and higher devices.


This website tracks mobile numbers for free online. It uses cell tower triangulation and history location data to locate numbers worldwide. Once you have entered the phone number and authorized the service, it will display the phone’s location on a Google map. Users have reported that the service works well.

The phone number tracker can help you determine where a specific phone number originated and provide other information. This information can include the name and address of the owner. It can also include their date of birth and relatives. The service can also help you trace e-mail addresses.

The website also allows you to track cellular and landline numbers. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. Another powerful phone number lookup tool is Spokeo. It gives you instant access to any phone number online and can provide a variety of other details, including social media profiles and court records.


SpyFone is a mobile monitoring application that allows you to spy on the activities of your target smartphone. Its features include monitoring the phone’s current location, access to text messages, Facebook and Twitter posts, and keypress input. The app works on both Android and iOS devices. Users can subscribe to different subscription packages to fit their needs.

The service offers real-time updates every 15 minutes. It does not require rooting the phone or disabling Play Protect settings. The app works stealthily in the background, allowing you to view all the information on the target phone. It also has a free version, which has limited spying capabilities.


XNSPY phone tracking and SMs tracking service enable you to remotely track incoming and outgoing phone calls from a target device. When a call comes in, you can receive a notification of who made the call, the time stamp, and the geotag. You can also view the target device’s contact list and monitor its activity.

XNSPY allows you to track the text messages sent or received from the target phone and even see the contacts it has on it. You can even set up a watchlist of words and phrases to monitor. This is an excellent tool for parents concerned about their children’s online behavior. XNSPY also enables you to track their social media activities remotely. This means you can track what your kids are doing on their cell phones and ensure they’re not up to no good.


If you are concerned about someone’s texting and phone calls, you can use Phone tracker and SMS tracking service. Using the service requires you to have physical access to the phone of the person you want to track. This service works in stealth mode, which means you must keep it hidden from the phone’s list of applications. It will not consume more battery power and will also let you know where the targeted phone is. It also has a GPS tracker to see the phone’s location at any time.

If you are worried about your child’s safety, consider monitoring their phone use and SMS communications. Many apps and services can help you monitor your phone usage. One of the most popular ones is GuestSpy, which is affordable and highly effective.

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