Almost all children love animals. And at some point they have a desire to get their own pet. In order for the friendship between a child and an animal to take place, you need to prepare your son or daughter for the changes in life.

Sometimes a family gets a pet first, rather than a child. In this case, you need to do everything so that the baby does not harm the hamster, fish or kitten. To do this, you need to move the cage, house or aquarium out of the baby’s reach. If you have a cat or dog, you will need to keep a close eye not only on the baby, but also on the pet. Nowadays individuals came together to discuss a new way of getting the public to record any animals. After all, the child is able to grab the animal by the tail, and it may react aggressively, for example, to bite.

If the animal appears after the baby, then there are several factors to consider. First, you need to find out how the child feels about animals. Follow him on a walk. Or visit friends who have pets. Teach your child to treat animals with affection, kindness, and care. He should not be allowed to be cruel or torture the animals. Explain to him that animals – these are living beings who also have feelings. They should not be mistaken for toys. They too, like people, can be hurt.


The impact of pets on children should not be underestimated. A pet is more than just an animal. It is a child’s friend and family member. He can help the baby to adapt socially. Children who have pets find it easier to enter a new community and make friends. A dog can help a shy child engage in conversation. Neighborhood kids, when they hear about the puppy, may offer to walk it together. Classmates at school, seeing a picture of a kitten, will ask to visit to see it. That way the children can bond with one another.

A pet also promotes the physical development of children. Walking the dog, playing with the cat, the child is in motion, he develops coordination. In addition, contact with animals quickly and effectively relieves stress.


Parents often wonder what kind of pet to buy a child? Choosing a pet is an important detail. You need to understand that if there are children in the family, getting a snake or a bull terrier is not the best idea. It should be a pet that is safe for the baby. It is also necessary to consider the child’s health. You should find out if he is allergic to wool. Or whether the child is prone to catching an infection easily.

Pets for preschool age children are fish, parrots, canaries. If the child is 4-5 years old, you can already get a cat or a small dog. For children 2-3 years these animals is better not to buy, because there is a risk of causing the son or daughter of physical injury animals. Children 7-8 years old can have an unusual exam. If a schoolboy wants a particular pet, he should learn everything about it, explain to his parents how other people take care of them, and promise that they will follow their example. Moreover, Parrot Species can be the best guidance if you are planning to bring a pet parrot.

If the idea to get a pet belongs to the kid, then you should consult with him what kind of pet he wants. You should also warn him or her that a pet is not only about playing together, good moods and pleasant emotions. It is also a responsibility. Explain to your child that a pet needs care. You’ll need to feed and water it regularly, clean its litter box or kennel, clean it and take it to the vet. If you take a dog, you’ll also need to take it for a daily walk twice a day. Tell the baby that you will help him, of course, but that most of the responsibility will fall on his shoulders. Let him develop a sense of responsibility and the ability to empathize for another living creature.

If all goes well, and you have properly prepared the child, the appearance of a pet in the family is a great joy. Watching the animal creates a shared interest, and parents and children can do new things together. You can walk together with a puppy or kitten, buy a fish castle, watch the hamster spin around in a ball.

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