Peculiarities of a career as a promoter in the US

Previously, almost no one had heard of the work of a promoter. But today, it is the most popular youth profession. Every day we see young boys and girls dressed in bright T-shirts and caps with the logos of well-known and not very famous firms, in the summer on the streets and winter in large stores, distributing advertising booklets to passers-by. If you are a student looking for a job and do not have any experience, you can start your career in this profession.

In most cases, promoters are young people who have a good appearance, speak correctly, and have natural charm. It also happens that people with a creative profession go to such work. Almost all promoters see this job as an opportunity for temporary employment and additional income. Working as a promoter for students always involves a lot of communication with people, developing communication skills.

What do promoters do?

Promoters hold various tastings and presentations, present a new product to potential customers, and distribute gifts. They also provide visitors with information about the manufacturer of products and distribute various promotional materials. The main task of the promoter is not to sell the product but to create interest in it for as many people as possible who will buy it. The main requirement is to attract the attention of as many people as possible. A promoter who speaks well and has a little charm can always strike up a conversation with a person and get a positive reaction from him.

Where to find a job?

Students looking for a job as a promoter can work either directly with a selling firm or with an agency that provides promoter services to other firms. The second option is more beneficial because you do not need to look for these firms as the agency sends you straight to the place of work, taking care of reporting to your employer. You can also find work as a promoter through various recruitment agencies and the best job search websites like Jooble or Indeed. While working as a promoter, you can promote one brand or a few brands simultaneously. For example, on Jooble, you’ll find lots of open jobs for Samsung promoters (people who would like to promote products of Samsung).


The work of promoters, as a rule, is usually paid after the completion of the advertising campaign, taking into account a fixed payment for each day. The salary depends not only on the conditions of the promotions but also on the promoters themselves.

Working as a promoter for students, although it seems simple, is quite complicated. In addition to constant communication with strangers, external control is carried out by both the agency and the customers. In addition, many customers require that the promoter wear a special uniform for the duration of the promotion, regardless of the weather and what the employee prefers to wear.

Professional requirements for those who get a job as a promoter are not very high. However, some large firms and agencies pay attention not only to external data and correct speech but also to higher education, the presence of work experience in promotions, and skills in consulting potential customers.

Therefore, when going to an interview, take care of your appearance. Also, when applying for a job, companies usually conduct a small casting, resulting in choosing people suitable for an advertising campaign. Don’t worry, don’t be nervous. Be confident in your strengths and capabilities.

After you have been accepted, you may need to attend several free pieces of training, where you will be taught how to memorize the text correctly, what intonation to use, what pace of speech to maintain, and options for developing a conversation with a client.

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