Parquet flooring pros and cons

If you are looking for ways to change your home floor’s shape or want to modernize your decor, nothing is as beautiful as parquet flooring. Your floor is beyond a level of climbing that reflects your taste and style. Parquet is the current trend. Many homeowners typically choose this type of flooring for their bedroom. This is a traditional and attractive charm for these areas of the house. If you are still not sure if you want to install parquet wood for your floor, you can evaluate why you are choosing parquet flooring as the best option. Below are the parquet flooring pros and cons.


Attractive and Unique

Parquet floors offer classic beauty and are the best choice for any traditional-style interior. It also has a level of firmness, but with age, it has the ability to enhance beauty. The timeless beauty created by the introduction of parquet is for those looking for a more traditional feeling in their home.

Non -allergic

Parquet flooring is different from carpets and area rugs which hold highly allergens, dust, and fur. The parquet is free of allergens and does not keep dust and fur in your home .It is a good flooring option for families with kids or family members who have allergies.

Easy to clean

It is relatively easy to clean this type of floor with a suitable floor detergent and a cotton cloth. Use cleaning solutions only for wooden surfaces. The use of cleaning solutions that are not intended for wooden floors can cause stains and damage due to chemical reactions. Clean dirt and dust regularly to maintain a smooth parquet surface and give it a new look. If you use a vacuum cleaner, be careful not to overdo it, as it will ruin the work.

Wide range of designs and patterns

Parquet is also available in different designs and patterns. They are different in color and in pattern. One is the most popular oak which varies from light to dark models. The most common is actually red oak. Many like oak because it is easy to install and does not break immediately. For pine, there are rotating and striped patterns, as well as different colors, such as brown, brown and dark yellow.

Stable and Strong.

Parquet floors are made of three layers of wood that are played at a 90-degree angle. This makes these floors strong, and more stable .The flooring does not expand or contract and hence can resist movements. They also have high durability due to their strength and stability.


Requires Maintenance

Although parquet floors are easy to maintain, they require some maintenance to keep them strong and attractive. They require resealing, polishing and also sanding. All these maintenance measures make the floors beautiful, attractive and improve the life span.

Moisture Damage

Parquet flooring is made of wood which is always susceptible to moisture. The moisture is usually caused by high humidity in the house. It is recommended that you control the level of humidity and always keep these floors dry and clean.

Susceptible to Scratches

Scratches may be caused by sharp objects that hit the floor. This makes the floor look ugly and unpleasant. Therefore it is essential to be careful on sharp things that fall on the floor, avoid high heels as they cause scratches. You can also place door rugs at the entry points.

Parquet flooring can make your room beautiful and bright all the time. There are many designs and patterns that suit your needs and desired look of the house.

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