Paola Buonacara:Fashion blogging to change your views towards the world

Apart from your day-to-day life, when was the last time you looked at things differently? For most of us, the answer will be negative. Maintaining everyday life is so hectic that we barely get time for our souls. But, the past year of the global pandemic taught us that life is too short to waste it on just living. It is time to get inspiration from nature and surroundings to be alive. If you are looking for a start and motivation, then themorasmoothie is there. Please scroll down to know more about it. 

About the mora smoothie 

The mora smoothie is the brainchild of Paola Buonacara. She is an Italian fashionista. But, over that, Paola is a woman of soul and life. She travels all around the world and expresses her sense of smoothness through her write-ups. Mostly her blog is about fashion DIY. In her blog, she regularly posts about the ways of turning trash into fashionable treasure. As a traveler, her inspiration comes from several styles and dynasties. So, postmodernism is the main style of Paola. Other than that, she also teaches people about fashion DIY in her blogs. Amazon is currently selling her bestseller book based on fashion, DIY, recycling, and such categories. She mentions on the author’s note that the book is not for teaching people about fashion. The book inspires people’s imagination and guides them to DIY fashion projects. In the times of brand shows and fashion icons, we need more people like Paola. She inspires your inner self and imagination rather than feeding the old concept of being a particular brand better over the others.

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Fashion DIY tips 

Pinterest has over a hundred threads of DIY fashion styles from Paola’s inspiration. Here are a few fashion tips that can help you to improve your fashion game. You can use your old or broken pendant to cut it short. Now you need to tie a book, and it will work well as a lovely bracelet. Using resin and epoxy to make earrings and ornaments is a new trend nowadays. All you need is a band that fits your hand. Now, put dry leaves, flowers, or anything you like for the design. Then cover the band with resin liquid. Let it air dry or put a little UV light over it. Uv light helps to condense the resin well. After the polish dries up, you can easily remove it from the band. And your beautiful DIY bracelet is ready. You can use an old and broken pendant and fill resin the same way, and It will make a beautiful amulet before you know it. Recycling is another popular form of DIY fashion nowadays. You can use plastic to make measurement scales or frames for sewing. Fashion designers use plastic to create a psychedelic effect on their clothes. It is an excellent way to deport millions of tons of plastic that we dump daily to pollute the place. 

Other inspirations 

Paola is one of the leading fashion inspirational bloggers nowadays. Her style and way of conveying make her unique. But, since it has a different style, you can also find other fashion bloggers more influential. The mora smoothie has a section called people. Here Paola writes about her meeting with other significant people she meets. Most of these people are either celebrities or fashion bloggers. So, you can read the part carefully to find the blogger you are looking for currently. It will not only help you to improve your fashion taste, but also it will help you to adapt to diversity. After all, fashion is all about change and accepting the change in others around you.

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