Painting Made Easy For Everyone – With Paint By Numbers

Painting by Numbers was originally inventedin the 1940s in America.The engineer Max S. Klein had the idea – and created the first motifs with the designer and artist Dan Robbinsan.

They created a painting process originally developed by Leonardo da Vinciwho wanted to help his students learn complex painting concepts, so he made canvas with pre-painted patterns and numbered them so that his students can follow exactly what he has painted to get the ideas that da Vinci wanted to teach them. With Paint by Numbers kits produced in nowadays, everyone without any painting experience and know-how can paint even complex and advanced paintings like a master.

With the Paint by Numbers technique, numbered areas on a pre-printed canvas have to be filled in with colors. No painting knowledge & skills are required. One just need a little patience to finish painting all numbered areas on the canvas. You simply take the brush and apply the numbered acrylic color (paint brush and paints are already included in the kit) in the corresponding field of the canvas template. In this way, even those with no artistic talent can create their own attractive works of art. Initially, mainly animal and landscape templates were offered. Over time, numerous other motifs, e.g. B. flowers, ships, cities, dancing, cartoons, as well as motifs with different art styles, e.g. abstract, hyperrealism, Pop Art, Impressionism… to own photos, a large variety of images can be made with Paint by Numbers kits. In the 1950s, the popularity of this innovative painting technique increased rapidly. This trend has become more and more popular thanks to the continuous innovations and designs of more and more attractive and high-quality Paint by Numbers kits from some major Paint by Numbers Producers (such as myPaintLab) They continue to design and produce countless stunning image themes. Everyone will find their personal dream motif here.

How does paint by numbers work?

Not everyone is Rembrandt. But anyone can become one. These two sentences are the easiest way to describe this fascinating hobby. All you need is a Paint by Numbers kit, which consists of a canvastemplate, brushes and the acrylic paints you need for this motif. The outlines of the desired motif are printed on the canvas template with the numbers within the outlined areas. Each of these numbers corresponds to a numbered paint pot provided in the kit. When the different areas are filled with the right color, the details of the image become visible, brushstroke by brushstroke, and slowly a complex painting emerges. This painting technique enables everyone to create their own art.

myPaintLab Paint by Numbers

What does paint by numbers do?

Stress is an inevitable part of everyday life. It is well known that persistent stress level has very negative effect on body and soul and can make you ill. To find a right way to relieve stress is one of the most discussed topics these days. Studies show that leisure activities such as painting can effectively counteract stress. Painting by numbers thus has a special function besides practicing painting and create your own masterpieces. Because Paint by Numbers method allows anyone to pursue this relaxing activity even without basic knowledge. Being artistic is one of the easiest ways to get rid of stress and anxiety. You can shift your worries and stress for a few hours and forget about it. Even if you have two left hands, you can paint a beautiful canvas with Paint by Numbers.

Paint by Numbers is also beneficial for children. Painting by numbers activates both hemispheres of the brain and has a positive effect on children’s cognitive development. In addition, painting is good attention training and promotes motor skills. Handling paint brushes strengthens coordination and fine motor skills. The choice of colors and the recurring movements of the brush on the canvas forces the kids to focus on the activity and has positive effects on their ability to concentrate. And don’t forget, the self-created works of art strengthen self-confidence and are therefore valuable in helping the children’s personality development. Similar stories go also for seniors. In particular, strengthening fine motor skills should not be underestimated for seniors. To maintain fine motor skills is of great importance for people in older ages. A progressive loss of cognitive abilities can also be counteracted with painting by numbers.

Painting by numbers is equally suitable for children and adults. This relaxing and creative hobby has established itself as a valuable leisure activity as well as a good anti-stress or stress-balancing training in our time.

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