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Outdoor Teak Furniture: Ways to take care of them

There are many kinds of wood used to make furniture. Teak wood is one of the best among them because of its high density and oil content which is natural. It makes it the best kind to be used to build an outdoor balcony set. Resistance towards water and damages caused by insects acts as a cherry on the cake. 

Even though teak furniture requires less maintenance, there are small things that can bring a lot of difference to the colour of the furniture. It will also prevent it from getting stained. All of this gives the outdoor furniture the elegance and majesty it deserves. 

How to Protect a New Teak Product

The state of the furniture at the time of its treatment will have a huge impact on its longevity. Compared to weathered teak, a new one should be treated in a very different manner. Most furniture from shops is in its raw state with no prior treatment. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to take care of this equipment once they are bought home. 

One important thing to notice is the stains, and the spills which outdoor furniture is easily vulnerable to as most of them are used for eating and merriment

 Some useful products

Teak shield

It is a transparent tool that makes the wood resistant to any kind of moisture and water. Thus, the outdoor purpose of this furniture can be fulfilled. Teak shields will protect the wood from tea, coffee, wine or any other spills. The water-based formula of this product will act as an invisible layer of protection.

The product is easy to use as the user should only take them in a paintbrush or cloth and apply a few strokes on the furniture. Allow it to cool for 4 hours and go for a second stroke, after which everything is good to go. 

General Cleaning

It is easy to maintain teak furniture. One only needs a piece of cloth or brush for this. A significant thing to note is even if a protective shield is applied, avoid any spills on them. If at all accidents happen, make sure to clean the whole thing immediately and thoroughly. Use warm soapy water along with a brush to do the cleaning. Go for a hard brush on old or recycled teak wood or a smooth one for new ones. 

Things to Note

  • Before applying any coating, make sure the surface of the furniture is free from any kind of grime, dirt, surface oils etc. 
  • The changes in the weather conditions have a drastic effect on outdoor balcony sets. It will turn into a silver-grey colour. To achieve this earlier, pre-treating the wood with a grey wash gives it a sophisticated look from the beginning itself. 
  • As wood is a natural product, teak goes through a lot of processes like settling and ageing after its harvest, sawing, kilning and drying before it’s turned into furniture. During the time of settling, cracks known occur on the edges. It is nothing to be worried about, and it is very natural. Moreover, the structural stability of the furniture will not be affected. 

Some tips to help the whole thing

  •   Do a patch test before using any products on the teak wood. The underside or insides of the furniture can be used for this.
  • Like the proverb, prevention is better than cure, use coasters to prevent spillages.
  • Never leave pot plants or other decorations in the same positions for a long time.
  • Never use varnish on wood as it can cause chilling and peeling of the wood. 

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