Ornate And Exotic Door Guards And Door Chains – Beautiful Security

When installing chain guards on doors, consider both aesthetics and utility. The French Empire movement brought us some incredible door chain designs, and even the door chain was designed to be exotic and unique. These chain guards are easy to assemble; in most cases, it takes about a half-hour or less, and only a few basic instruments are required, such as a nail, hammer, and screwdriver. Solid bronze and brass door guards at Rootex are inexpensive and provide an extra degree of protection.  A door chain or guard, in addition to typical deadbolts and door knob locks, can be put on any gate to give added security. A door chain does not prohibit the door from opening, but it does keep it from opening more than two or three inches. Homeowners can use a door chain to unlock the gate without completely opening it if required.

It’s Critical To Choose The Right Material And Install It Correctly

When choosing and installing a new door guard or chain, the kind of product and proper installation is critical. To verify that the chain does not snap under tremendous force, select a high-quality and sturdy product such as solid brass. Because a chain prevents the door from being unlocked, thin and inexpensive metals are not recommended. NOTE: Solid brass is not the same as brass-plated brass; solid brass will be more durable; shop properly.

When It Comes To Choosing A New Guard For Your Door, You Have A Few Options

When it comes to choosing a new guard for your door, you have a few options. A chainguard is made up of a chain that is screwed into the gate frame or wall and has a catch on the gate. A chain is a common option, although it has the downside of potentially cracking under pressure, as previously indicated. A sturdy guard catch, which is screwed on the door with a fastener on the door frame, is another option. This type is less likely to be damaged and may give additional security. A door guard or chain should not be used as the primary lock on any door; instead, it should be used in conjunction with a high-quality deadbolt.

Solid Brass Door Chains Are Available In A Number Of Styles

Solid brass door chains are available in a wide range of finishes to fit existing doorknob combinations, kick plates, and other door hardware. Because they serve a particular purpose and are not intended to be a decorative focus point on the door, guards and chains are often plain and not ornamental. Antique Brass, Polished Brass, Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome, and Oil Rubbed Bronze are among the finishes accessible. Also, prefer Mortice Lock this is also a good choice for your home security.

Conclusion:- LookInTheAttic & Company has a wide range of solid brass door guards and chains for use in homes, apartments, and businesses. When installing solid wood frames and doors, utilize wood screws and add guards and chains (a hollow door or frame might not hold the guard in place under extreme pressure). Chains and guards are a terrific addition to any house protection system and they’re a cheap and simple item to set up.

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