Thursday, January 20, 2022

Organically Superior Bug Spray

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When it comes to choosing a product for your family, what determines your choice? Do you tend to choose the less expensive option, or go with the more pleasant choice? For those who enjoy a high-quality and health-conscious purchase, organic bug sprays like this are the way to go! This blog is devoted to showing you why organic is better, and you will quickly see the difference.

Natural, Clean, & Refreshing

It’s no wonder these products cost a little more when you see the nourishing ingredients that are packed in. Natural oils such as neem and mint give these products their effectiveness versus the chemicals that are found in traditional bug sprays. Organic bug sprays cut out DEET and other chemicals that could pose health issues, leaving you with a clean feel. They also smell better due to the phenomenal organic ingredients that are used, giving you a refreshed feel that you have probably never experienced from bug spray. 

Protect & Soothe

Not only do these organic products provide great protection, but their gentle, nourishing ingredients soothe and relieve dry and itchy skin, which is a big change from old-school sprays. Why let your bug spray take its toll when there are nutrient-packed, natural bug sprays that will do the opposite? Stick to the reason of pricing, but I’d be picking up change outside (protected by my trusty sunscreen stick) to make the difference before going back to the chemicals.


Would you go with the cheapest pair of shoes at the store or the first car you find, knowing the quality is inferior? Maybe, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Healthy, organic bug spray formulas offer a better experience all-around, and you are likely to notice after one use. These products are better for you and our environment, reconnecting humans with their natural surroundings by revealing the protection-power of organic ingredients!

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