Online Training at the MEDDIC Academy

You might be a certified salesperson, but this does not mean you are good at what you do. Most people get certified to access higher-paying jobs. This means they do not take up the different sales courses to gain skills but to get the certificate. In most cases, such salespeople become unreliable and rarely close sales. Consequently, firms that hire them rarely close sales and waste time and resources. Darius Lahoutifard, the Founder of MEDDIC Academy, established the institution to give sales an entirely new approach. Unlike the standard certification, the MEDDIC Certification strays from the normal certifications as it focuses on using insight to drive sales instead of adopting traditional sales methods. Darius offers several courses at the MEDDIC Academy aimed at equipping sales persons with theoretical and practical skills to drive sales using the MEDDIC Sales process. 

Courses and training offered at the MEDDIC Academy

Introduction to MEDDIC

This is a free course offered at the MEDDIC Academy. This online course introduces businesses and salespersons to the MEDDIC Sales process. It explains the different terms represented by the acronym and how they would foster closing sales. Sales and qualification techniques that a salesperson could adopt to close sales while using the MEDDIC Sales process are also covered in this course. However, there is no certificate issued for this course; this is because it covers basic concepts that are associated with the MEDDIC sales methodology. The course is composed of one quiz, thirteen slides, and 12 minutes of videos.

Advanced MEDDPICC Course

The MEDDPICC Course is based on the original concepts of the MEDDIC sales methodology developed at PTC. The course is also known as the full MEDDIC Bundle and covers about 13 modules ranging from quizzes, practical exercises, videos, and powerpoint presentations. Darius and the team at MEDDIC Academy have worked to improve the course by giving detailed discussions on aspects such as champion, decision process, and return on investment. The students are presented with real-life examples from tech companies such as Oracle, Google Cloud, SalesForce, and Microsoft. Upon completion and passing the tests and practicals, the salesperson is issued a certificate of completion. This helps them stand out from standard sales persons who apply traditional driving and closing sales methods. Several companies can verify the certificate issued, and you can add the skill to your LinkedIn profile.

MEDDPICC for managers

As the name suggests, this is a course by the MEDDIC Academy that is meant for sales managers or trainers. For trainers, the gained skills can be passed down to salespersons while offering certification training- this would be an advantage as most firms offering salesperson certification still equip their students with traditional methods. Managers are equipped with skills to be tactical and strategic; the gained skills can also be passed down to the team members. Moreover, the manager can easily understand why a salesperson that adopts the MEDDIC Sales approach is doing things in a particular way in closing sales. The course covers the following modules.

  • Introduction
  • Metrics.
  • Economic Buyer.
  • Decision Criteria
  • Decision Process
  • Identifying Pain
  • Champion.
  • How to develop Champions
  • Say No.
  • The ROI pitch
  • MEDDIPICC add-on.
  • Quantified Pain points vs. Metrics.
  • Coaching sellers
  • Quizzes
  • Certificate of completion.
  • Videos
  • About 100 slides
  • Certificate

Effective Time Management

Apart from MEDDIC, Sales Methodology offers courses on other aspects that would influence the performance of a business. Time management is fundamental for any business; when time is wasted, other resources are, affecting the company’s performance. By the end of the course, you should be able to prioritize, boost performance, and balance work and life.

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