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Poker is an engaging card game and its popularity is increasing rapidly from year to year. There’s nothing to be surprised by the fact that it’s gambled by the participants from all over the world. There are even tournaments for professionals. And thanks to the technological development and emergence of specialized web-based gambling platforms, everyone may try one’s fortune.

In this short poker guide, we will try to reveal to our readers all the general principles of this simple way to spend your time. But before we start it’s essential to mention that despite online poker being the game of chance, players need to apply various strategies that might appear to be useful in various conditions.

By displaying this poker tutorial, we would like to make you acquainted with Texas Hold’em. Remember, practice makes perfect! Here you will find the best online poker sites for playing!

How to play poker for beginners: hand rankings

The basic concept is quite prosaic – the holder of the best combination of cards (hand) takes the winning amount. Nevertheless, beginners often make a common mistake because they start gambling and betting before they are even aware of the rankings. You shouldn’t even consider gambling before you learn which the most beneficial combinations are. This is extremely important in terms of applying any strategy. The thing is if you don’t know how good your hand is, you cannot decide what it is better to do the next – raise, fold, or bluff. So, in order not to make this common mistake, we recommend you get familiar with the possible hands in advance. Free games are one of the options to learn them in real-game conditions. So search for demo modes of the preferred titles.

However, sometimes even players who are aware of combinations, don’t know how they work. To avoid this, remember these three core principles:

  • the same suit is always better than sequence;
  • three of a kind is higher than two pairs;
  • the strength of the single card value matters only for the high-card hand.

Texas Hold’em Poker Rules

In the beginning, the participants are provided with two cards named “hole”. They can’t see those cards as they are given face-down. After this procedure is over, each receives five cards called “community”. When the players see their hands of community cards they may decide whether it’s relevant to take one or two among the cards that are face-down. If not, they continue playing.

The amount of bets during four rounds is unlimited and that is what attracts gamblers to online Texas Hold’em. You may also consider playing other variations, just remember to study their rules and peculiarities well.

What do I need to try online poker?

Actually, everything you need is any modern gadget and a good Internet connection. You just find your favorite variation, sign up for a chosen casino, make the minimum required deposit, and enjoy the time spending. If you feel like you’re not ready to put real funds at risk, try some free games where deposits aren’t required. This is a perfect opportunity to master your skills and strategy. Just remember to be wise when playing for real cash and good luck!

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