Night optics for airsoft

An exciting military-tactical game with the use of pneumatic weapons and plastic balls that replace bullets is called airsoft. For many, it is not just entertainment, but a way of life. The game becomes especially interesting in the dark. In this case, participants will definitely need night vision devices. With their help, it will be possible to notice opponents faster and reduce the percentage of inaccurate shots.

Benefits of using NV optics in airsoft

Airsoft is a modern game, so it welcomes the use of various new products. One of them are NV devices. They create certain advantages for an individual player and the whole team, helping to cope with even the strongest opponents.

Key Benefits:

  1. Improved ability to spot enemies. During the game at night, the main problem is the difficulty of detecting opponents. To eliminate it, it is recommended to use night optics. It will help you quickly determine the location of the participants and select members of the other team from among them.
  2. Ease of orientation on the ground. If the game is played in an open area, then even beginners will not have problems with navigation. However, in cases where the playground is located in the forest, orientation on the ground becomes much more difficult. NV devices can correct the situation. They will improve visibility and make it possible to distinguish trees, shrubs, stones and disguised people even with minimal lighting. In addition, night optics will simplify the process of overcoming various natural obstacles (for example, streams, ravines, etc.).
  3. Speed ​​of aiming. In the dark it is always very difficult to aim. Often this takes a long time, during which the opponents have time to detect the shooter. To speed up this procedure, you need to use night optics. With its help, it will be possible to quickly aim airsoft weapons at a live target and make shots before a player of the opposing team.
  4. Increasing the firing range. During the game in the dark, it is possible to shoot only at opponents who are close to the player. This is due to insufficient visibility and the inability of the human eye to notice dark distant objects. To eliminate this shortcoming, time-based night optics are used. It helps to notice opponents from a long distance and open fire on them.
  5. Reducing the percentage of inaccurate shots. Not all participants in the game can shoot accurately. The number of misses is influenced by many factors, among which are poor visibility, good enemy camouflage, the small weight of the airsoft bullet ball (changes the trajectory of movement during flight). Many of these problems can be solved by NV devices. They will improve visibility in the dark, help you aim better, and give you more time to fire. All this will positively affect the accuracy of the participants and give them a huge advantage over their rivals.

Suitable for airsoft optics

Airsoft is a game that is as close as possible to real military operations. In it, success is achieved not only by well-trained participants, but also by people with more advanced equipment. An additional advantage is given to teams that use night vision technology. The instruments equipped with them provide good visibility, which becomes an important component of the success of the entire team.

Devices suitable for airsoft:

  1. Goggles. The best option for airsoft will be NV goggles. These easy-to-use devices are easily fixed on the user’s head and do not interfere with the user’s performance of game tasks, maneuvering and carrying out various actions with weapons. The glasses are versatile as they can be used during both short and long games. In both cases, they will be the determining factor for success.
  2. Binoculars. These NV devices are not very often used in airsoft. However, in certain cases they will be useful and give a tangible advantage over the opponent. Most often, binoculars are used in long games. This is due to the comfort created during long-term observation of the movement of the enemy.
  3. Monoculars. These compact and lightweight devices are the perfect addition to a player’s gear. Most often they are used as a separate NV equipment that helps to see opponents in the dark. However, in some cases they are attached to the weapon itself, which allows the participant’s hands to be freed and enables him to maneuver better, respond faster to a changing situation.

Features of choice

Not all available models of NV devices are suitable for airsoft. This is due to the presence of several features of the event, which make some devices useless on the playground. In order not to make a mistake in your choice and not overpay for optics, you need to carefully study the features of its choice.

Rules and nuances of choosing night optics for airsoft:

  1. First of all, you should pay attention to the performance characteristics of the model. They must match the cost of the device and provide good visibility in the dark. For airsoft, such a parameter as field of view is especially important. The higher it is, the more territory you can see. Detection range and resolution also play an important role.
  2. So that night optics do not let you down at the most crucial moment of the game, you need to use only models with a long period of operation without recharging or changing batteries. In this case, even the operation of the optics at maximum settings will allow it to last until the end of the event.
  3. In airsoft, you have to move a lot, overcome various obstacles and perform complex maneuvers. One careless action can result not only in game problems, but also in the breakdown of night optics. To prevent this from happening, try to buy airsoft models with the most durable case. It will protect internal parts from bumps and falls, thereby extending the life of the device.
  4. Most often, military-tactical games are played outdoors. In this case, the final result is influenced by such a factor as the weather. Under adverse operating conditions, any devices used must be reliably protected. To do this, manufacturers seal the case, protecting internal parts from exposure to rain, snow, fog. It is models with this property that are ideal for airsoft.
  5. The popularity of airsoft has made it available in most of the developed countries of the world. At the same time, fans of this game should remember that not everywhere you can use night optics. In order not to get in trouble with the law and not pay large fines, it is necessary to study the rules and existing restrictions on the use of such devices in advance.
  6. Always measure needs with your financial capabilities. This approach will allow you to purchase high-quality optics at an affordable price. For airsoft, devices from the middle price category are best suited. They have optimal characteristics, useful additions and are relatively inexpensive. Budget NV optics will be the right choice for a beginner. Its capabilities are enough to learn how to conduct a game night battle. Expensive models should be bought exclusively by professionals. These are the players of teams that participate in various competitions.
  7. Night optics of any manufacturer are suitable for airsoft. However, players still should not buy the first device that comes across. It is best to pay attention to models released by well-known companies. Such optics always have excellent quality and work effectively throughout the entire period of operation.
  8. Airsoft is a team game, so before buying night optics for it, you need to consult with your comrades. Their recommendations will help you narrow your search and quickly find the best model for entertainment.

Airsoft is a useful and interesting hobby. This military tactical game develops thinking, coordination, attentiveness and reaction. The positive effect is greatly enhanced if the airsoft is carried out at night. In this case, participants use special equipment and NV devices. The latter will help you see well in the dark and make the entertainment as similar as possible to real combat operations. All this will give the players a lot of positive emotions and give them the opportunity to fully enjoy the success.


Night optics for airsoft.


Night optics for airsoft. The importance of NV fixtures in airsoft and the key benefits of using a variety of optics. Types of devices suitable for entertainment, their features and applications. Rules and main criteria for choosing models for airsoft.

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