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New promo code for tivit bet casino

Every professional online casino has its promotion system. Tivit gambling club offers different types of promo codes.

What do the new coupons from tivit casino include

Players are introduced to the new promo code for tivit bet on the official website. In the promotions section, there is a special column where you can activate the coupon. Just below that, players will find a link to social media. The club has a channel on Telegram, where a detailed news feed is open.

The promo codes are divided into three classes:

  • Bookmaker Club Coupons. Players receive virtual money with these promo codes. The bettor can bet on sports with these credits.
  • Coupons for the virtual casino. The promo codes for slot machine fans contain free spins. There is no charge for the spins. Free scrolls can accrue in huge amounts.
  • Promotional codes for holidays and major sporting events. These coupons hide already deposited bonuses. On the next deposit, the user can pick up a 100% or 200% bonus.

The promo code is offered to be activated completely free of charge. Only deposit bonuses involve a deposit of money. Otherwise, the operator goes out of his way to meet visitors and offers promotions of a free type.

What you need to know before activating a promo code

Tivit Casino offers a bunch of free bonuses but also introduces some additional conditions. The key one becomes playing from a single account. A user cannot get the welcome bonuses multiple times from different accounts. If security detects this, the visitor will be instantly blocked.

Some of the coupons have additional rules. It is about the wagering conditions. The user needs to deposit a sum of money and scroll through the slots within a certain designated period. Most often, the administration gives more than one week to meet the conditions.

The player needs to keep in mind that as long as there is an active bonus on the account, the cashback section will be closed. The club staff is ready to accept a withdrawal transaction only after the visitor has wagered the bonuses or refused them. The player loses all prize credits in case of withdrawal, as well as all winnings that were obtained from the virtual credits.

Tivit Casino’s bonus program doesn’t just include promo codes. The company is actively working on introducing a Cashback system. In addition, there will soon be tournaments at the online casino. These tournaments will be organized by gaming machine providers. The user will be able to take part in special tournaments and fight for big prizes every week.

Tivit Casino is launching its app. One of the advantages of this program can be called the presence of notifications. This feature will help you not to miss any new promotions.

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