New players guide to buying a golf trolley

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, the days of carrying golf clubs on your back are long gone.

The effort it takes to play a round of golf is not to be underestimated.

Lugging a set of clubs around the course can put a lot of strain on your back and shoulder muscles, which eventually will take a toll on your game.

From push and pull trolleys, to more modern battery powered electric golf trolleys – there’s a large selection for you to choose from.

Here’s some things to think about when shopping for your new golf trolley.

Which type of trolley should you get?

Push trolleys 

Push golf trolleys are a practical yet affordable solution for not having to carry your equipment from hole to hole.

A three wheel golf trolley is perfect for storing your clubs, tees, balls and any other necessities to ensure you’re fully equipped to play.

They’re also great if you’re looking for something that folds up easily and can be stored in your car boot or garage when you’re not using it.

Buying a golf trolley is an essential step to elevate your golf game, ensuring that you can carry your clubs and other equipment with ease and convenience. But, while considering the various features and designs of golf trolleys, it’s crucial to consider the type of wheels they come with. Quality and durable wheels enhance the trolley’s mobility and usability. For some excellent options in durable and quality wheels for your trolley, you can view it now. Ensuring that your trolley is equipped with the best wheels will make your golfing experience even more enjoyable and hassle-free.

A unique push trolley, the Big Max Z 360 for example, can help prevent back or knee injuries and encourage your best performance.

Pull trolleys 

Like push golf trolleys, pull trolleys are great for preserving as much of your energy as possible and ideal if you prefer not to carry your clubs on your back.

They have rapidly increased in popularity over the years and suit the needs of both amateur and professional golfers.

They’re also considered a much safer alternative to lugging clubs around the course on your back.

Electric trolleys 

There’s no denying that an electric golf trolley is a big investment.

It’s important it isn’t something you impulsively decide on; you need to be confident that it’s going to help and not hinder your game.

If you’re not on the course very often or you only play a quick 9-holes after a busy day at work or even just to get some quick practice in now and again, then an electric trolley probably isn’t worth it.

It’d be easier to just carry your equipment as you go through the course.

It’s when you start playing 18, 27 or 36-holes that you’ll want to think about getting an electric golf trolley.

You’ll easily walk 8km, possibly even more while playing 18, 27 or 36 holes, and if you’re carrying your clubs and other equipment, there’ll be a lot of stress on your upper body.

What else should you consider when buying a golf trolley?

You don’t just need to consider the type of trolley you need, but things like the type of courses you play on and what materials the trolleys are made out of as well.

What type of courses do you mostly play on? 

Are the lots of hills on the course you usually play on, or is it more flat?

It might be worth looking into an electric golf trolley if you’re going to be walking up lots of hills while playing.

You won’t have to worry about carrying the extra weight on steep slopes or struggle getting to the top with a heavy push/pull trolley.

You’ll be using minimal effort and be able to save more of your energy to bring to the game.

If you’re playing mostly on flat surfaces, then you might be better just getting a pull or push golf trolley.

What’s golf trolley made out of and how heavy golf trolley is? 

A golf trolley is meant to make it easier for you to carry your equipment around the course, so if your trolley is heavy, is it really going to help you?

The weight of a trolley is massive in determining which one is right for you, and it will differ from trolley to trolley.

Weight only differs massively with electric trolleys.

This is because their different battery types and sizes can significantly affect the weight.

You want one that you can lift in and out of your car and one that’s easy travelling to and from the golf course with.

Before spending anything, it’s always best to go and physically test the trolleys you’re interested in to make sure they’re right for you before you spend anything.

How easy is it to store?

For the most part, golf trolleys are all easily stored – whether that’s in your car boot until the next time you play or your garage at home.

Most pull and push golf trolleys fold down to similar sizes and are compact to fit wherever you’ll be storing it when you’re not using it.

Electric trolleys tend to be a bit bulkier, so if you have limited space and nowhere to keep something a little bigger, then it’s probably best to stick to a pull or push trolley.

How much weight can the trolley take?

you need the trolley to comfortably carry your clubs, golf bag and everything in it with ease, if you get one that’s too small it might break

Think about how much equipment you usually bring with you when you play.

Do all your clubs and other necessities fit in a small cart bag, or do you normally need something larger?

Push and pull trolleys are suited more to smaller golf cart bags, so if you have a golf bag on the larger side,  it might be best to cinder an electric trolley – which offers more space for all your equipment.

It’s important to make sure before you buy that your trolley is able to carry the weight of all your clubs, tees, balls, etc so that it doesn’t break on you.

What type of battery should you get?

The majority of the more modern electric trolleys come with a lithium battery, which are lighter and provide a longer battery life.

Older models most likely use a lead-acid battery, which have almost been phased out completely.

Although the newer batteries tend to be more expensive, they’re highly cost effective.

They can maintain their full-charging capacity for over 500 charges.

Lead acid batteries however are larger in size, heavier in weight and take significantly longer to charge.

What ‘added extras’ can you get with it

some trolleys have GPS built in, how much storage space does it have (is there a place to store all the extra tees and balls you’ll need or a place to put an umbrella so you don’t have to carry it around as an extra

Most golf trolleys come with a wide range of features and accessories to help enhance your experience on the course.

The features available will differ from brand to brand, and some things on offer include built-in GPS, umbrella mounts, water bottle holders, phone holders and space to put extra balls and tees.

Motocaddy trolleys for example boast downhill control, USB device charging and smart GPS technology.

Think about what you want from your trolley and what would make your experience more enjoyable and your time on the course run a lot smoother.

Is a golf trolley really worth the money?

Yes and no.

It all depends on how often you play and the types of courses you find yourself doing.

You’ll find the right trolley will massively improve not only your experience while on the course but the way you play as well

It’s best to do your research before you buy, so it doesn’t end up being an expensive piece of useless equipment.

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