Natural, Synthetic, Alternative, Or Blended Latex – Which One To Choose

Latex is one of the most popularly used bedding products available in the market. This material has been around for over a century for its ability to deliver outstanding pressure point relief and adequate spinal alignment. 

Its demand has been rising at a sharp rate. Due to this, a majority of latex brands are coming up with a variety of offerings. There are different formulations of latex mattresses available on the market such as natural, blended, synthetic and alternative, etc. Let us which of these materials is the most suitable for sleep? 

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Synthetic Latex

Synthetic latex is the man-made form of natural latex. It is made using petroleum compounds such as Butadiene and Styrene to prepare Styrene Butadiene Rubber. It exhibits superior properties that include the property to resist abrasion, softening, and heat aging. Synthetic latex is a more durable, less expensive, and longer-lasting product. 

This mattress provides a broad range of firmness options to the sleeper. Also, the price of this latex is lesser than natural latex. It is mostly dependent on the commodity pricing of crude oil. The major drawback of this type of latex is that it scores the least in terms of eco-friendliness. 

The preparation of this mattress needs more force to break it down. This material has very low elasticity compared to natural latex. Due to this reason, it prevents synthetic latex from buoyantly stretching to support the posture. 

Latex Alternative

Latex is undoubtedly the most sought-after bedding material, but it is very expensive. Due to this many people could not afford it. Due to this reason, many latex manufacturers have introduced contemporary advancements in latex technology. 

The technological versions of natural latex are economical and offer similar benefits to a latex mattress. Latex alternative foam is available in the market under varying brands. It is manufactured to contour the human body, like memory foam, and bounces back fast from pressure. 

Blended Latex

As the name implies, blended latex is an effective blend of synthetic latex and natural latex. This mattress is commonly sold in North America. It is not just cost-effective but also high in durability. It comprises a combination of synthetic and natural latex materials. It is a little bit more durable in comparison to natural latex. It features fewer chemicals than its synthetic counterparts and comes with several firmness options. 

Blended latex comprises 15% to 25% natural latex and the rest is synthetic latex. This type of foam is advertised as being the “best of both worlds”. The material offers heightened elasticity and strength to the sleeper. However, it lacks the elasticity that of natural latex. Also, it cost less compared to blended latex.

Natural Latex

Natural latex is considered to be the most recommended and safest type of latex. A majority of mattresses are prepared using this material. This latex is the purest form of latex. 

This type of latex is harvested from tropical rubber trees. The liquid latex obtained is later transformed into foam. There is no addition of any artificial additives, fillers such as clay, titanium dioxide, calcium oxide, and synthetic latex in the preparation of natural latex. 

Natural latex shows remarkable elasticity that offers enhanced postural support and pressure relief to the sleeper. It also eastablishes a long-lasting mattress. However, due to these benefits, they are considered to be the most expensive of all the other varieties of latex.


The demand for latex in the mattress industry is seeing exponential growth. The mattress offers distinctive health benefits and a luxurious feel to the sleeper. There is no single perfect latex formulation. 

Based on sleeping requirements, budget, and lifestyle choices, you should find the one that will give you the best sleep benefits. Always ensure to research well about mattress quality and certifications to be 100% sure. The knowledge of the differences between different latex formulations will help you make an informed decision.

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