Mistakes to Avoid in SuiteCommerce Implementation

When introducing anything new, it’s common to ignore the importance of instructions and process reviews. There are a lot of moving components while implementing a new application, therefore mistakes can happen. When deploying one of NetSuite’s commerce product solutions, keep the following things in mind.

You must first create a thorough list of all business procedures, including point of sale, accounting and inventory management, shipping, and marketing of your products.

Second, make sure to review the settings after setting up your website. Take into account every section of the website that may be impacted. Remember that a website is divided up into various sections, and you should be clear about how your business plans to use each one. Divide the website into sections and think about how each will support your consumers and business operations.

Given that so many companies already favor NetSuite SuiteCommerce as their ideal eCommerce solution, the implementation cost has historically been a top priority for the majority of these clients. Seibert Consulting Group, an official NetSuite Solution Provider Partner, believes it is important to correct the record by giving you access to this comprehensive guide to minimizing NetSuite SuiteCommerce implementation expenses.

Risky Implementation Process Mistakes You Should Avoid Making:

1. Not Choosing the Right Partner

Choosing a quack to implement your eCommerce solution is the biggest risk your company might face. You must choose a partner who is knowledgeable about NetSuite SuiteCommerce solutions in their entirety. You can assign the assignment to one of four categories of official NetSuite partners, namely:

  • Alliance Associates
  • Agency Partners for Business
  • Solution Providers that are not NetSuite partners

Here are some crucial inquiries you should make during your vetting process to choose the appropriate and qualified partner for implementation:

  1. What kind of professional certificates do the team members hold?
  2. Exist team members with certifications for NetSuite SuiteCommerce?
  3. What kind of partner are you for NetSuite?
  4. Which NetSuite market segment do you prioritize?
  5. How many NetSuite SuiteCommerce installs have you completed successfully?
  6. Do you employ independent contractors? Then which, if any?
  7. How many successful NetSuite deployments have you led?
  8. Do you have testimonials?
  9. What distinguishes your team? What distinguishes your team?

Even though they are not officially affiliated with NetSuite, certain partners will deploy NetSuite SuiteCommerce for Your Business. Giving such unaffiliated providers a chance to submit a bid for screening purposes is always a good idea, but in general, working with a member of NetSuite’s official partner network is far superior to doing business with an unaffiliated provider.

2. Cost of License Subscription for NetSuite SuiteCommerce

If your company is considering using an eCommerce solution, you probably want to know how much it will cost to adopt NetSuite SuiteCommerce implementation. You can also be concerned about the returns on your investment, but let me first inform you about the several types of SuiteCommerce, which include:

  • Standard NetSuite SuiteCommerce
  • Advanced NetSuite SuiteCommerce

Each of the two is distinctive and different from the other. NetSuite SuiteCommerce Standard, or SCA Implementation (SuiteCommerce Advance), is less expensive than SuiteCommerce Advanced. But you must think about if SuiteCommerce is appropriate for your company. If your company invests a lot in iterative development, SuiteCommerce Advanced is the ideal option.

Contact our development team to learn the true cost of SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced deployment. SuiteCommerce, however, is made for enterprise-level platforms like Magento 2.0 and Shopify Plus, which are projected to cost $60k a year.

Advice For Choosing The Perfect Suite Business consultant.

  • Avoid using recruiters. Every middleman raises the overall cost, that much is true. Costs will increase if you hire a recruiter to handle the vetting for you.
  • Find someone who can guide you through the fundamental implementation steps along the way. This will assist you in becoming independent.
  • Because you’ll want to make significant adjustments once the implementation is complete, pick a partner with Go-Live assistance.

What Determines the Cost Implement SuiteCommerce?

The cost of SuiteCommerce Advance implementation for Your Business is mostly influenced by three things. They consist of:

1. Intrapersonal Resources

You are less likely to hire additional contractors to integrate NetSuite SuiteCommerce for Your Business the more experienced your organization is. However, you must always be a wise business manager since you must choose the most effective path between paying more full-time employees and recruiting hourly contractors. Some businesses might alternatively want to self-implement the solutions, but that strategy typically fails because software development mistakes are expensive. Finding a partner who can perfectly implement the solution is therefore advised.

2. Modifications

The eCommerce solution customizations you would like to have done are quite important. Never be hesitant to make the adjustments as you work to make Your Business more appealing and visible. To avoid making unauthorized alterations, you only need to exercise extreme caution. You can obtain a list of the necessary adjustments and their associated costs from a certified partner.

3. SuiteCommerce Development Hourly Rates

Low hourly rates always lead to low implementation costs, as is clear. However, that should not be your primary concern at all times. The primary consideration you should have is ROI. If you select a developer whose fees are modest and your system malfunctions, you will inevitably have to pay more to fix it. As a result, you should consider the advantages that each development team offers Your Business.


Only if you have the necessary experience to deliver exceptional solutions can you take Your Business to the next level. At Folio3, we specialize in providing cutting-edge solutions to companies looking to make the most of the eCommerce platform. Our suitecommerce developers are ready to take your business to new heights. We consistently adapt our solutions to fit the needs and objectives of Your Business. Let’s discuss your project and see how we can support the expansion of your company.

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