Maximize and improve business revenue with utility billing software for retailers

The telecommunications and utility billing system are fully scalable to your business needs and future customer growth and market expansion goals. The comprehensive product will help you shorten your order-to-pay period, promote profitability, and avoid manual workload. Automated supply billing software applies to companies of all sizes, operating in the commercial, industrial and residential customer segments.

Efficient revenue management for basic supplies

Use a single platform for ad hoc, bulk, and live billing operations for basic supplies to manage your customers’ contracts and cash flow using IoT. Minimize errors and lower service costs with simultaneous billing for energy, water, and home services provided to your customers. Set up financial periods and multiple price lists, complex tariffs configuration, and management of contracts and offers.

Monitoring your utility payments

The flexible architecture of smart utility systems enables you to gain complete visibility into performance and traceability across all financial activities. Reduce collection periods and gain financial control by defining the relevant payment terms and setting up automatic payments for your customers. It offers flexible billing schemes and payment plans, mass generation and invoice cancellation, execution of automatic payments, and automated reports from multiple sources tailored to your business needs.

Consolidated billing for product packages

With the best utility billing tool, you can save time and resources by combining all customer charges in a single invoice, bill multiple supplies, etc. A fully configurable and customizable billing solution will help track changes and meet your financial needs for greater efficiency.

Provide excellent customer service

Promote coordination between departments to address customer-billing issues faster and improve customer interaction and satisfaction. Provide your customers with accurate, real-time utility bills and keep them informed of your financial situation through email notifications.

  • Tenant billing meter and submeter,
  • Lock/unlock a meter for billing,
  • Calculation of an unbilled amount,

The implementation of an effective utility management system can be an ally that goes far beyond monitoring consumption. The solution supports the control of data acquisition and quality, management of parameters of interest in energy purchase contracts, optimization of equipment energy performance, consumption forecast, budget management, and other actions that cover management of end-to-end energy and utilities.

Easy integration and less effort

It is not enough for an energy and utilities management system to monitor, plan, and energy efficiency functions. It needs to make automatic integrations with other systems, avoiding manual entries. With integrated and real-time control of energy inputs, an energy and utilities management system makes it possible to manage the entire budget cycle of the organization, orchestrating corresponding consumption forecasting and cost forecasting procedures and providing information for more planning. The integration of monitoring data with the planning functions strengthens the transformation initiative’s efforts as it brings greater sophistication, consistency, and accuracy.


There are features that you can find in an energy and utility management system. Moreover, the benefit will depend on what your company needs to achieve its short, medium, and long-term goals. However, adopting a platform that aggregates all the disciplines of management, planning, and control of energy consumption from end to end, cohesively promotes energy efficiency, team productivity, process improvement, and cost reduction.

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