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Everything you need to know about digging a well

If you spent your childhood in the greenery of Texas, then most probably you grew up watching every household having wells. The rapid urbanization process took away this tradition of having a well in every home. But, a well can be your sign of royalty, return the old school feeling. And most importantly, wells act as a sustainable source of water. So, if you are thinking of digging a well in your backyard, then please scroll below. Here in this article, we will be discussing everything about digging a well.

Preliminary check

Check and confirm

Before you start any construction works on your property, the first thing is to be sure of the laws. It will save you from a lot of future hassle in case something goes wrong. Digging a well on your property is usually legal in most states. If it goes down more than two hundred meters, you might need to take permission from the local municipalities. Once you prepare the legal documents, then it is time for the soil test. You need to check the soil to determine the best place for digging a well. Several things can give you an idea regarding this. Such as


The places have healthy and more plants, do the sites have water for sure. If you dig for more or less sixty meters, there is a good chance that you will get water.


Pebbles are another indicator of water. If the sand is heavy and stones are larger than the surrounding, then it is the place.

Do not contaminate

As the wells are an open-source of water, it is straightforward to catch contamination from the nearby streams or latrines. It is the reason you need to place the well at least fifteen meters away from the local water source or Swearage line, according to public health research. It will help if you put the baseline of your well at least one meter higher from the ground to prevent soil contamination.

Making process

Marking everything

Before you start the penetration job, you need to prepare all the piles and fittings according to the measurements. So, it would be best if you made the well screen at first. To make a good screen, you will need a four-inch gap between the pipe and ground for connection. Then mark three surrounding slit marks in the line and leave about an inch on each side. There should be at least 1.4 inches gap between successive slits. After you finish the first set, then go for the second slit set. In this process, make slits all over the pipe and add two vertical slits on each side. Once you finish marking the slits, then get a cutter and take the extra parts out.

Caps lock

Now you need to get a PVC cone to use as the cap for your digging pipe. Smoothen the edges before screwing it to the line. After Adding the hat to the tube with slits, you need to apply primer to avoid leakage. The primer acts as an adhesive. Now, it is time for cementing. Place all the material in place and put cement all over. You need to put the cap at the lower end of the pipe and add a foot paddle at the upper ends. Using glue to add the paddle will do the job well.

Now, you are all good at penetrating the ground and determining the depth of water under the gravels. Once you find the water level, you can start the digging process with machines and set a protective fence around. Your well is ready to use.

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