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Marketing tips for authors to make your book a success

Do you have a book that you want to sell more of? Being an author is hard work, but following some simple marketing tips from Manhattan Book Group can be helpful.

1) Make yourself known as a writer.  Write articles or blog posts about relevant topics on your website and post them regularly. This will make your name seem familiar to people who visit your site and they may be more inclined to read it if it is on a topic they are interested in learning more about. It also makes a great place for people who stumble across your book to learn more about you as an author and maybe even ask questions of the reader since this is one of the areas you’ll likely dedicate most of your time towards anyway, writing articles on different subjects related to writing. When readers visit your site they may see the many articles you have written and realize that more of your work has already been published, so if they like it on one subject, chances are they would enjoy reading more of what you produce. Be sure to include information about all of your books in the navigation menu in order to make it easy for visitors to find them.  Also keep in mind that marketing tips aren’t meant to be a sales pitch for people who view your website or read some of your writing, but instead offer relevant content that people will want to read.

2) Try social media  marketing! Social media sites are free ways for authors with any budget  to promote their book. Many Facebook pages are dedicated towards specific genres of writing and thus, many authors who post on social media sites will be promoting their book. There are also pages dedicated towards helping authors market their books as well as tips on how to make a successful author platform, which is one of the best places to learn about marketing tips for authors. If you can follow even a few simple marketing tips you could end up with a very successful ebook product that has a good chance of selling more copies if it is marketed correctly.

3) Get help from friends or family members who appreciate your work! By doing this you’re building an audience that is already interested in what you have written. Tell them small details about your book, like names characters and other details about the story that they’ll find interesting and get them excited about the book. This way, when you put your book up for sale it will be easy to tell others what they can expect and you won’t have to break down the entire book and make a sales pitch like most authors do. Instead you can say “Hey, my aunt told me she was interested in this novel I wrote! Do any of you want to check it out?”

4) Give away free copies on sites such as Amazon or Smashwords .  By doing this you’ll earn some good reviews on your product that show other readers that it’s worth buying (you could also try posting excerpts from your new book on forums where people talk about books, but if possible avoid giving the full story away – give some kind words about it but give away very little of the story). Many readers don’t like spending money without knowing what they’re getting, so this is a good way to earn some support for future titles.

5) Advertise your product outside of social media or on online forums where people discuss books or writing.  Post announcements about your book having been published on these websites and ask if anyone wants to read it. This can lead you to get even more sales that you may not have otherwise gotten. Most authors also advertise their work by posting links relevant articles on blogs that are related to writing or other topics relevant to their work in order to get recognition from the author community. These articles often post links back towards the author’s own site or blog, showing that they are willing to share their knowledge.  It’s more likely that if people see that you’re doing this kind of work on your own website, they’ll consider buying your products because it shows you’re an expert in the writing field. You can also work with services that help authors self-publish their book, they often can help with marketing your book.

6) Get some reviews from other authors! If readers enjoy one book by a particular author, odds are they would also want to read more works by the same writer. To find out what other writers think about your novel, ask them for a review copy of your product and post it on amazon for free (on Smashwords you can offer it as a free sample).

The marketing tips for authors mentioned in this article should be able to help you promote your book and get it into the hands of more readers. Remember that these are only a handful of ways to market an ebook, but they will hopefully provide some guidance when considering how best to achieve success with your own work. If you need assistance or want another perspective on what we’ve provided here, please let us know! We would love nothing more than to hear from you and see if we can offer our expertise as part of a successful digital marketing plan that helps your novel reach its full potential.

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