Marble and Limestone Permeable Compact Pavement.

Incorporating stone gravel and a binder made from Aquastone synthetic resins, this permeable pavement provides exceptional mobility, a high aesthetic and functional value, and an effective ecological exterior flooring system that is kind to the environment, sustainable building, and the local community.


Using permeable pavements has been shown to reduce water use for irrigation drastically. This is excellent news for you if you’re trying to save money. Also, it has been shown that using these paving may significantly lessen the impact of local heat islands, which translates to a noticeably more relaxed environment.

Permeable pavement technologies can aid in surface water management by filtering out impurities in rainwater runoff. Permeable floor are superb for landscaping because of their practicality and aesthetic value.


Qualified installers of permeable floor are available and well versed in the best practices for laying pavements. They can guarantee a paved driveway or driveway that is both practical and aesthetically beautiful.

Driveways, outdoor kitchens, gardens, pool decks, patios and virtually any other outdoor area are all within the scope of our permeable flooring installation services. Our installation team is well equipped to handle both routine work and elaborate installations.

The finest paving products from our supplier partners are used in all the installations we manage, helping us meet the most stringent design specifications. We employ excellent permeable paving such as   Stabilfix, Groundstab and Aquastone. Driveways, patios, decks, pathways, and parking lots may all benefit from using these  pavement.

How about the level of Thermal and acoustic comfort? 

Thermal comfort

Its porous surface allows air to circulate near the ground, shielding the area below from the sun’s refractive effects. Reduces the thermal amplitude of the material, making the floor warmer while making the surrounding surroundings and the surface seem more comfortable to the touch.

The increased efficiency of buildings is a direct result of their natural ventilation.

Acoustic comfort 

This flooring is eco-friendly, quieter while walking, and more resistant to wear and tear from foot traffic because of its smooth texture.

Security Surface 

The non-slip surface makes it a good choice for the areas around pools and other outdoor areas that get wet from precipitation.

Ecological process

Aquastone permeable pavement increases mobility, shields the soil from damage, and stops excessive compaction by allowing air and water to travel through it without implementing or sterilizing the soil. It conserves water by letting it soak into the ground where it falls, is environmentally friendly, and offers sustainable urban development crucial to improving people’s quality of life. Find out where to get all the supplies you need to install this permeable floor professionally.

Stone is a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing material.

Sustainable foundation and  sub-base  materials for permeable pavements that enable rainwater to percolate through the surface constitute the permeable paving technology. This not only slows down the flow of water but also helps to filter out contaminants and collects any suspended materials. Roads, trails, lawns, and lots, including parking lots, bike paths, service or emergency access lanes, road and airport shoulders, residential sidewalks and driveways, are examples of light vehicle traffic. Even though certain porous pavement materials seem pretty similar to non porous materials, their impacts on the environment are very different, as shown by the permeable paving demonstration. Any permeable material, such as previous concrete, porous asphalt, paving stones, or concrete or plastic-based pavements, allows runoff to percolate and permeate the surface regions, ordinarily impervious to the soil below.

Objectives include:

  • Reducing storm water runoff.
  • Improving water quality by filtering contaminants in the substrata layers.
  • Controlling storm water at its source.0

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