Managing your PPC campaign well in 8 steps

Imposing a methodology and a clear and precise work process is the best way to provide constant, consistent and complete final work. This is how this article was written, with the aim of providing a guideline that will help you manage your PPC account on a daily basis, and thereby increase its performance. Do not hesitate to react in order to enrich this article. Good reading.

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Clarify the client’s needs and objectives

Experience has shown that PPC campaigns with clear performance goals have vastly outperformed those that do not have them, or are constantly changing them. Goals are essential because they allow us to strategize in line with the needs of the business.

Success is the result of a solid strategy and targeted actions

Once the goals are defined, it remains to determine how to achieve them. To organize yourself, let your creativity run free. You can also use an Excel sheet, write down the description of what you want to do, and the desired result. This method will allow you to focus only on the essentials, without ever going off course. With the different initiatives in front of you, you can decide which one to choose based on the impact it will have on the campaign as a whole.

Focus only on the tasks that make things happen

What I am going to say now may seem paradoxical, and yet it is valid for this point in particular. We all like to do everything perfectly, all the time, and pay attention to detail. But once again, experience shows that focusing on the essentials would allow us to work less on each campaign, while improving its performance. In the long run, this will allow you to discover new areas of growth in your campaigns instead of dwelling on irrelevant details.

Regularly audit your account to discover new opportunities

While you are super involved in managing your campaigns on a daily basis, sometimes it’s important to take a step back so that you can see the big picture of what you’re doing. There is a need to honestly assess what is working well in our work, what needs to be reviewed and improved, and where the current opportunities lie.

Stagnation in the PPC UK world is often just the step before deterioration. Always be on the lookout for opportunities.

Obsessively analyze your campaigns from all angles on a regular basis

In order to achieve all of the goals set, we need to know everything about our campaigns. If you don’t understand the performance data generated by your account, you won’t be able to make the right decisions that will take you to new heights. Google, Bing, and other advertising platforms offer unique perspectives on user behavior. Analyzing this data is absolutely essential to keep campaigns on track.

Never ignore “Re-Marketing”

On average, an account converts around 4% to 5%. Which means 95 out of 100 clicks don’t convert. This is where Re-marketing comes into play, as it helps pick up users who weren’t ready to take action in the first place. So we can say that Re-marketing can turn a lost click into a repeat customer. Don’t overlook this opportunity.

Mobile advertising has its place in your campaigns

The societies we live in are increasingly geared towards mobility, which opens up an opportunity for these users in a unique way. Mobile advertising campaigns can be characterized by a high conversion rate, both in terms of sales and information gathering. That said, make sure you have the right mobile landing pages in place, in order to communicate optimally with your audience.

Test your ads to improve your CTR, conversion rate and overall qualified traffic

One of the keys to the success of any strategy is TEST, and again, online advertising is no exception. From experience, every time I have tested ads, they have seen improvements in CTR. The goal is always to seek qualified traffic.

I hope that after following these steps you will experience a significant improvement in performance. Looking forward to reading your comments and suggestions.

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