Man Made Diamonds

If you want a Best lab diamonds UK that is a perfect match for your ring and can’t afford a real one, look no further than a man-made diamond. These gems are made with quality, dedication, and research that would make the real thing a far cry. Read on to learn more about the different man-made diamonds and how they differ from each other. In addition, this article will introduce you to some of the major companies that specialize in man-made diamonds.


Moissanite man made diamonds are lab created gems that are graded according to the same criteria as diamonds. They are rated according to their carat weight, cut, and clarity. The difference between these stones is that moissanite contains no natural inclusions, while diamonds do. In the case of moissanite, clarity refers to the absence of visible blemishes. The quality of the stone is generally good, but moissanites are less desirable due to their lack of carat weight and color.

A large moissanite diamond is often mistaken for a diamond. This is because diamonds are far rarer than moissanite. But moissanite is still one of the most popular alternative gemstones. In fact, it has twice as much sparkle and fire as a diamond! It has been said that moissanite can even appear fake if its size is too large. It is much safer and better for the environment compared to mined diamonds.

CVD-grown diamonds

While the majority of people consider CVD-grown diamonds to be synthetic, the truth is that these diamonds are essentially the same as natural ones. Although they have been created in a lab, they share the same physical and optical properties. CVD-grown diamonds are also more affordable than their natural counterparts, and their eco-friendly production practices make them an increasingly popular choice for diamond jewellery. So, how do they differ?

The main suppliers of CVD-grown diamonds are Element Six, a former subsidiary of De Beers Industrial Diamond Ltd., and its Global Innovation Centre in Harwell, UK. Other companies in the region and Yorkshire Bioscience. Evince, a company based near Durham, has developed devices for diamond field emission. Euro distributes E6’s products in nine European countries.

 What diamond to get

If you’re looking for a beautiful ring but aren’t sure what diamond to get, James Allen and man made diamonds UK have 1000’s of options. James Allen carries diamonds of all grades and cuts and offers full GIA assessment. A diamond graded by James Allen must be good cut and cannot be less than that. Whether it’s for an engagement ring, a wedding band, or other item, you’ll find thousands of choices from James Allen and man made diamonds UK.

James Allen offers over 5,500 lab created diamonds at up to 30 percent less than earth-created diamonds. Although man-made diamonds are made in labs, they are still the same quality as diamonds created by nature. The company also offers standard fancy cuts that you can choose from. You can browse their current selection of diamonds based on size and price, or you can email them with your requirements.

Clean Origin

The company’s mission is to simplify the diamond buying process for consumers, so that they can purchase a quality diamond at a price they can afford. In addition to choosing lab-grown stones over mined diamonds, Clean Origin also works to keep its costs as low as possible. To do this, it has streamlined the process by lowering costs and increasing efficiency. Besides making the purchase process as easy as possible, the company also offers real-time customer service via live chat.

One of the most appealing aspects of the company is its pricing. The company offers the lowest prices on diamonds, allowing consumers to purchase a larger stone and a more expensive setting. They also offer free shipping and ring sizing to their customers, so they can save on shipping costs. Clean Origin is not known for offering sales, but it offers discounts for government and military employees, students, teachers, and first responders. Another great feature of the company’s website is how easy it is to search for diamonds.

A beautiful engagement ring

For a beautiful engagement ring, consider one of the many options available from Lily Arkwright. These stunning rings feature the world’s premium Forever One moissanite center stone and G/H SI grade diamonds. In fact, these man made diamonds are often better than real ones in terms of both price and quality. They’re even more affordable than real diamonds! You won’t have to worry about a hefty price tag or a complicated procedure for purchasing one of these gorgeous rings.


In recent years, the demand for coloured gemstone engagement rings has increased dramatically. Lily Arkwright has stepped up its efforts to meet the growing demand for ethical and sustainable alternatives to diamonds. They’ve also recently expanded their offerings to include lab-grown coloured gemstones. Lily Arkwright man made diamonds UK is proud to be the only retailer in the UK to sell these stunning coloured stones.

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