Make your dreams come true by purchasing a Dakimakura pillow cover.

Make it a point to read this article in its entirety before going out and purchasing a new Dakimakura pillow cover. Adding a little bit of Japanese culture to your bedroom may be accomplished in several ways: purchasing a new Dakimakura pillow cover. Once you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll be well on your way to turning the pillow of your dreams into a reality.


There are a few other names for dakimakura, but the most common one is “the pillow of love.” They have been a part of Japanese culture for many years, primarily taking the shape of various animals. In the 1990s, a line of adult pillows was introduced that included printed pictures of various anime characters, including lurid depictions of some of the most obscene ones. This phenomenon swiftly expanded throughout various online communities, including 2chan, pixie, and many more.

Pillows featuring one of the hundreds of characters available have recently begun appearing in both online and traditional retail outlets. Although many consider these pillows to be sexual objects, others only use them as decorations or as something to cuddle with as they sleep.

Another name for this cushion is chikufujin, which translates as “bamboo wife.” This name is also known as the Dutch wife. The significant dimensions of the dakimakura are lengths of 150 to 160 centimetres, widths of 50 centimetres, and circumferences of 100 centimetres. It is not uncommon to discover that just pillowcases are being sold at a discount; thus, many customers end up purchasing various patterns.

What exactly is the difference between a Dakimakura and a Body Pillow?

Although these two pillows are somewhat comparable in size and form, the functions they serve could not be more unlike. The objective is to provide both physical and emotional support to one another.

Body pillows, also known as orthopedic pillows, provide support for the body when sleeping to rectify the posture in which one sleeps. This pillow will help you avoid many abnormalities and discomforts, including issues with blood circulation, muscle pain, snoring, and other similar issues. If you suffer from any health issues mentioned above, it is often recommended that you purchase them.

The Dakimakura dolls have a long tradition of acting as a source of comfort and support for their owners. This cushion, like your favourite comfort blanket or stuffed animal, is a relaxing item for people. Do you agree that the name, by itself, sums up what it does?


Pillows are not only delicious but also comfy to embrace and sleep on; in fact, many medical professionals advocate custom body pillows for the spine. In addition, there is nothing odd in collecting items, clothes, posters, or stamps bearing the likeness of people or celebrities we like. Naturally, there are boundaries to everything!

If you desire to own dakimakura, you should be aware that there are hundreds of prints available that you can print yourself and construct your love pillow from the internet.

The inscriptions that are printed on it

A dakimakura is a decorative pillow covering placed over a long pillow known as a dakima. Characters from well-known anime shows are often featured on dakimakura, which are Japanese cushion coverings. These one-of-a-kind pillows are perfect for sprucing up the appearance of the furniture in your bedroom. There are many reasons to obtain a dakimakura, and it doesn’t matter whether you want to get one cushion or a complete collection of them.

These pillows, known as dakimakura, are perfect for anyone who enjoys watching Japanese animation. Images of Japanese cartoon characters, manga characters, characters from video games, and even actual individuals have been printed on these pillows. Both sides of the cover have printed versions of the designs. Because it is possible to order the same pattern on both sides of the pillow, they are particularly well-suited for use in decorating a room used by guests. You may acquire them from stores that specialize in the same thing or get them over the internet.

Historically, the size of a Dakimakura cushion might reach up to 160 centimeters in length. Because of the size, the shipping expenses were increased by 100%. On the other hand, due to the growing popularity of manga and anime in Japan, smaller pillow sizes have grown widespread. Your child’s cushion may be personalized with cartoon characters that are their favourites. In addition to the pillows, you can now purchase bespoke Dakimakura pillow coverings for your kid, allowing them to create something one-of-a-kind and individualized.

Even if you want to buy a significant amount of these pillows, you should have no trouble locating them at rates within your budget because of how popular they are. Additionally, the price might change based on the store from where you buy them. However, some good news: these cushions aren’t only for those who watch anime! You may also get a Dakimakura pillow cover for your kids and give it to a friend as a present instead of giving it to your kids.

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